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This year’s World Suicide Prevention Day is fast approaching, taking place each year on September 10th, providing the opportunity for people, businesses and organisations of all kinds to raise awareness of both suicide and suicide prevention.

The theme this year is Creating Hope Through Action, highlighting efforts that are being taken around the world on a regional and national level, as well as the role of the individual, to raise the consciousness of suicide globally and help prevent suicides.

The idea is that by encouraging understanding and the sharing of experiences people will be given the confidence to take action. Figures show that one in every 100 deaths around the world is the result of suicide and it is something that can affect each and every one of us, having a potentially profound impact.

It’s hoped that this year’s event will serve as a reminder that there is an alternative to suicide and that the actions we can take – no matter how big or how small they may seem – can give hope to people who are struggling. 

It is often possible to prevent suicide and people have a key role to play in prevention, making a very real difference to someone in their darkest moments.

There are various resources available via the International Association for Suicide Prevention website for businesses and individuals alike. There are also various suggested activities available to help raise awareness of suicide prevention. 

One suggested idea, for example, is to light a candle near a window on September 10th at 20:00 to show support for suicide prevention, to remember a lost loved one and for the survivors of suicide.


To find out about suicide training, get in touch with Suicide Bereavement UK.