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TV Contributions



Dr. Sharon McDonnell, Managing Director of Suicide Bereavement UK and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester and Shirley Smith Founder of If U Care Share Foundation and member of Support After Suicide Partnership were interviewed by BBC News about the launch of the report, entitled ‘’From Grief to Hope: The Collective Voice of Those Bereaved or Affected by Suicide in the UK (18th November, 2020). 

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BBC Breakfast

"The biggest shock [in the survey] is the number of people they have lost."

Dr. Sharon McDonnell, Suicide Bereavement UK

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House of Commons

"Will the leader of the House support me in encouraging members to circulate the survey (national suicide bereavement survey) to their constituents."

Madeleine Moon (Chair of the All Party Parliamentary for Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention)

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