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Training during COVID-19


Yinka Yesufu, Counsellor, Apex Counselling

This Postvention [PABBS] evidenced-based training is the best around and delivered on everything it promised. Well-paced, with knowledgeable facilitators, the training offered participants exactly what was promised. Equipping us with the skills to confidently support individuals who have sadly been bereaved by suicide.

PABBS – Manchester – April 5th 2022

Peter Bartlam, Family Liaison Worker, Lifecraft, Cambridge

Having recently joined an organisation focused on Bereavement by Suicide I was glad to be enrolled on the PABBS course. I have trained and worked in Bereavement both privately and as a volunteer. This course for me not only enhanced my learning but added to my confidence working in the Bereaved by Suicide sector. The course was delivered sensitively in a warm and friendly environment safely. The subject matter was clear and presented professionally by caring individuals. It was amazing to listen to others experiences and share the knowledge in the room. I would recommend anybody working in this sector to look at this course and understand the benefits.

PABBS – Manchester – January 2022

Kate Simpson, University Counsellor and Clinical Lead Support

I attended the March 2022 PABBS training event in London where Angela and Lee facilitated the day with compassion, sensitivity, courage and openness all of which enabled rich discussion and collaborative thinking throughout. I came away from the day inspired and humbled but most notably equipped with deeper insights into postvention support which I hope can be integrated into the University community I currently work in.

PABBS – London – March 2022

Josephine Ramm, Researcher/bereavement support volunteer

‘I found it really important that the training was backed by research, so we could be sure that we were learning what people bereaved by suicide actually want from us as professionals. It was also incredibly valuable to receive the training from people with an absolute wealth of knowledge of the field, who were also warm human and responsive to the group’

PABBS – Kent & Medway – December 2021

Kemi Amole, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Before attending the PABBS training my experience of working with those bereaved by suicide was very minimal. I felt the team I worked within didn’t have the necessary skills and knowledge whilst working with these clientele. However when I arrived at the training I was left feeling more confident and equipped to work with families bereaved by suicide. […] I was not just able to hear the voice of the families, but also professionals like myself who support these families, how it felt for them, and what the best ways are when supporting families bereaved by suicide.

One thing, and alongside more others, that I can never forget from the training is that…

‘You may not be able to bring the loved one back, but you can definitely be flexible and listen to what families or who else has been affected by the bereavement need; and require from us professionals’.

PABBS – Kent & Medway – December 2021

Kerry Garbutt, Paramedic

I feel privileged to have been on your PABBS course and it helped me in two  ways – in my work as a paramedic and knowing that whilst I cannot make it better for the relatives I can be there and also on a personal level when dealing with the aftermath of a suicide making sure I address my own feelings and look after my own mental health. […] The passion and commitment you showed us on this course has inspired me and made me determined to share with my colleagues the best way to both deal with events like this personally and also how I can help relatives of the deceased in a more constructive way.

PABBS – Kent & Medway – December 2021

Fiona Gilpin, Project Lead, Emerge Advocacy

“ Such a helpful day of training with PABBS. Two very experienced trainers presenting from a place of lived experience coupled with a wealth of research experience – a very powerful combination. Informative, engaging and insightful. Highly recommended”

PABBS – KENT & MEDWAY December 2021

Roisin Martin, Bereaved Families Support Worker, PIPS Hope and Support

It was a pleasure to meet you and Angela during the PABBS Training in Belfast on 6th December 2021. […]  I had previously attended some of your zoom-based training [ON THE GO modules] so was looking forward to this particular[PABBS] training opportunity as I believed it would be a valuable opportunity for me and I was not disappointed.

I look forward to undertaking additional training with you in the future.

PABBS – Belfast – December 2021

Rachael Hattee, Flex Counsellor, Infobuzz

I think the PABBS training was so informative and delivered in a really efficient way. Being provided with studies and workbooks has been really useful in refreshing my memory on what was discussed, and also an aid in further self-reflection. I would recommend this training to everyone, regardless of knowledge and experience as you will definitely learn something new. The space felt really safe and the trainers held us all very well. So glad I did this training.

PABBS – Gloucester – November 2021

Teresa Pollington, Support Worker, Kingfisher Treasure Seekers

I would recommend [PABBS] training course to anyone who is going to come across people bereaved by suicide either in their personal or professional life.

PABBS – GLOUCESTER – November 2021

Chris David, CAMHS Team Manager (West), Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

I attended the PABBS course in Gloucester on 23rd November 2021.  The training was a valuable experience. Focus was on Postvention, an important area often overlooked historically for survivors of suicide of friends and families that have taken their lives. The course was handled sensitively by the facilitators. There were clear presentations with information provided on recent clinical research into the area . Sharing experience with attendees helped support confidence, to those who have come into contact with families. I would encourage both statutoru and non-statutory members to attend.

PABBS – Gloucester – November 2021

Gail Bowstead, Support Worker, P3 Charity

The main thing I took away was the extent of the impact of one suicide is catastrophic. So much bigger than I thought before.

PABBS – GLOUCESTER – November 2021

Dr Aneeta Khoso, Consultant, Public Health

It was a pleasure attending the workshop and getting to know suicide bereavement is taken so seriously, including so many aspects/people associated with it. You and Angela made the workshop extremely absorbing and informative,

PABBS – Manchester – November 2021

Vicki Boggon, Suicide Bereavement Support/Suicide Safer Schools Co-ordinator, Every Life Matters

This is a brilliant course, inspiring and invigorating.  It has elements of everything from reflection, reviewing, renewing thoughts, ideas and practice within a practical, interactive and safe environment.  There are opportunities to engage, liaise and learn from others.  I loved it and it flew by.  I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone working in any area of suicide bereavement, prevention and postvention settings!  Thank you Sharon and Angela for the passion, knowledge and skills you have passed on during this session!

PABBS – Manchester – Nov 2021

John McMann, Support Worker, Northamptonshire Support after Suicide Service

‘A really worthwhile day focusing on a wide range of topics all relevant to my new role as a support worker. The course team were very welcoming and supportive which I personally found helped me get as much as I could from the training’.

PABBS – Manchester – September 2021

Sami Marshall, Youth Works Northamptonshire

“Excellent days training. The passion and commitment from Sharon and her team to be open and honest about suicide bereavement and their drive to reduce stigma was infectious. As someone starting in a new role as a suicide bereavement support worker I felt filled with confidence, skills and understanding by both the professional training given and the heartfelt stories of their lived experiences.”

PABBS – Manchester – September 2021

Chelsey Thorpe, Bereaved by Suicide Caseworker, Victim Support, Derbyshire

“PABBS training was professionally delivered, very insightful and delivered with pure excellence! Angela and Sharon filled me with confidence within my job role, the course was very inclusive of the group with workshops and break out groups, thoroughly enjoyed the course and highly recommend”

PABBS – Manchester – Sept 2021

Jenny Talbot, South Hub Coordinator, Cruse Bereavement Support

I found this training so inspiring and impactful, one of the best days training I have ever had. I am the project lead for the Sussex Bereaved by Suicide service for Cruse Bereavement Support and this training helped to reinforce that my gut feeling about how best to run the service was correct and the direction that I was taking the service was right and appropriate for individuals that have been bereaved or affected by suicide. The training and the research gave me the confidence to be an advocate for the clients and ensure that the decisions that might be made by the organisation about shaping the service were the right ones and I am now able to speak with confidence and question when needed.

PABBS – Manchester – September 14th 2021

Kathryn Jarvis, Twilight Sanctuary Support Worker, Brecon and District Mind, WALES

“Compassionately delivered, honest, informative and thought provoking training. It was great to have up to date research findings. Case study and small group work really brought thinking around supporting people to life. Lots of really useful resources and information that I can use in my role, to share with colleagues and the wider team.”

PABBS – POWYS – July 2021

Scott Kane, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Liaison Psychiatry, NHS Tayside, Scotland

Having personally witnessed the emotional and psychological carnage that can erupt following a suicide (for both families, clinicians, and the wider community). I now recognise the need for open, honest, and supportive channels of communication. This training program delivers the structure for this in a no-nonsense, well-designed approach, from skilled and knowledgeable speakers who have experienced this from either a personal or professional perspective. This is an essential program that should be actively embraced if we are to support those affected to overcome the aftermath of suicide, and I would implore all NHS Scotland boards to embrace this postvention model and help break down the barriers that can so often hinder the grieving process.

PABBS – Manchester – July 2021