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Sonya Johnston, Intrim Addiction, Services Manager/NMP, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Community addiction Services.. Northern Ireland

PABBS training provides a safe environment for those attending to consider the wider impact suicide has on all those involved from immediate/extended family, friends and staff members involved in the care of the individual. The research and information given on the day was thought provoking and reminded me as a mental health professional that much more needs to be considered postvention as often we are more focused on risk assessments and professional worry regarding the care we provide.

As an addictions practitioner I was delighted to see the inclusion of substance use in the discussion as I am very much aware of the increasing risk associated with this and the impulsivity of individuals using during high risk times. I feel PABBS training promoted  and highlighted how mental health and addiction services must work more closely together in order to respond better to those in need.

PABBS – Belfast – June 2022

Ellen Bruce, Mental Health Social Worker, Health and Social Care Northern Irelansd (HSCNI)

I really enjoyed the PABBS training event delivered by Angela and Sharon. The content was both thought provoking and informative. The training provided useful resources and workbooks that I am looking forward to sharing with my colleagues. Personally, I feel the training increased my confidence in engaging with individuals who have been bereaved by suicide. It has encouraged me to be mindful of the language often used in service provision and reinforced the importance of being a listening ear. “It’s okay not to have all the answers, we cannot solve but we CAN support”.

PABBS – Belfast – June 2022

Phil Fairley, Counsellor, Project Ballynahinch

I really enjoyed the course for several reasons.  It was tailored specifically for Northern Ireland to ensure we had statistics and information specifically for our country which was very helpful as sometimes courses provide information for the UK which may not always be applicable to Northern Ireland. The trainers were exceptionally friendly and knowledgable and although dealing with a very serious subject they handled it with care and sensitivity.  It was also very impactful to have the training delivered by people who had personally been impacted by suicide, so they were able to share their own experiences when appropriate.  The time flew and it was a great balance between theory and time for reflection and discussions.  A highly recommendable course, which also sends you away with many new and helpful resources.

PABBS – Belfast – June 2022