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On The Go Training


Angela King, Social Prescribing Link Worker, Stroud/Cotswold PCN

The course was re-affirming to me both personally and professionally. We can feel at a loss to respond with enough insight to those bereaved by such life changing events but being able to bring our thoughts to the course and to discuss the sensitivity of these matters with experts was hugely helpful. It made me feel very reassured. It was a hugely beneficial and insightful course.

OTG – Post Traumatic Growth – October 23rd 2023

Oliver Watson, Trainee Clinical Psychologist

As both a practitioner and a person who has lost someone to suicide, I really valued the session on the language to use around suicide with Angela. I think mental health professionals can often struggle with discomfort and preconceptions when we talk about suicide. I felt the session really empowered me to be direct in the language I use, but also helped me to understand that this can be done in a sensitive way that opens up helpful discussions. I also felt it provided some really useful thinking around the importance of considering the implications of the language we use when talking about suicide in the media. I’m planning to feed back the session to my team and would recommend it to anyone working in a service where suicide is often discussed.

On The Go – Children – July 14th 2023

Brian Bull, Celebrant, Vice President of AOIC

I recently attended (Feb 2023) On The Go training on ‘Talking to Children and Young People Affected by Suicide’ facilitated by SBUK; as Celebrants, we are sometimes the next professionals to speak with the family after the emergency service, so it is important that we understand where possible the correct language when talking with the bereaved. The training was delivered in an easy-to-understand way. I would highly recommend the training to other professional Celebrants.

On The Go – Talking to Children and Young People – Feb 2023

Sharon & Paul O’Gara, Trustees, Mary O’Gara Foundation

After losing our beautiful daughter Mary to suicide in May 2020. We became increasingly aware that our granddaughter who was 6 at the time and so very close to her auntie, would one day start to ask more questions around how Mary died and so this training session was absolutely vital for us to understand how best to support her but also give us the confidence to be able to respond to her questions. The 90 minute session “Talking to children and young people when there has been a suicide”  was excellent and we would highly recommend this training for anyone living or working with a child who has been affected by suicide.

On The Go – Talking to Children and Young People – Feb 2023

Mike Bell, Senior Mental Health Practitioner, Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

I recently attended a training session entitled “Talking to children and young people when there has been a suicide”.  The training session lasted approx. 90 minutes and was delivered by Suicide Bereavement UK.  The training session was excellent and was delivered by staff who clearly have a high level of expertise in this field but who are also able to deliver such training in an easy-to-understand way.  The training session was varied and included lots of engagement with attendees and also a group exercise.  This training is definitely something that can help practitioners support children and young people who have experienced bereavement by suicide.  I would highly recommend this training and will be recommending it to my colleagues who were unable to attend. 

On The Go – Talking to Children & Young People – InHouse – Rotherham – Nov 2022

Charlene Andrews, ASA/ELSA, Marshland Primary Academy

The trainer was very informative and happy to answer any questions or queries that we had. The language that was used to speak to the children would not be what I would have used before but I can see that this opens up opportunities for the children affected to ask questions. The training has also given me the confidence to have these conversations with the children even if I don’t have the answer. Having had a few children that have been affected buy suicide in the last few months, with this training I will know better how to support them.

On The Go – Talking to Children & Young People – InHouse – Rotherham – Nov 2022

Mary Griffiths, Development Manager, Mid & North Powys MIND

Myself and several members of our team recently attended The Grief Map Model, a two hour training sessions with Suicide Bereavement UK.  It was excellent training, delivered by people highly experienced in the field and provided a practical and very useful tool and methodology which we can take forward in supported people bereaved by suicide.  I would high recommend.  Thank you very

On The Go – In House – Applying the Grief Map – June 2022