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Mental Health Professionals


Jeff Morgan, Mental Health Practitioner, Northumbria University

I have been involved in social work and education for over 30 years and have attended a great deal of training. This session ranks as one of the best sessions I have had the absolute joy to be present in. From the wonderfully warm and professional facilitators to the robust evidence-based research through to the profound impact it has had on my practice. It is uncommon to meet colleagues who have lived experience of the subject matter. That was the difference between this session and other CPD I have experienced down the years. Unflinching in their handling of this sensitive subject meant there was a professional confidence in the room to hone practice, open up honest conversations with students/clients and help as many people as possible bereaved by suicide; to live, love ,hope, dream and at times simply continue. I can only say thank you for this session and encourage more people to sign up and participate.

PABBS – In House Training – Newcastle University – May 2024

Karen Cargill, Therapist

Excellent training!

I would highly recommend this training as it provides an understanding of the need to proactively engage and appropriately respond with those affected/bereaved by suicide.  It also highlights; the stigma, importance of appropriate language and value of reflective practice and self care.  

PABBS – Manchester – May 2024

Tim McVicar, Senior Practitioner, Disability Service, Newcastle University

The PABBS training was engaging, insightful and challenging in all of the right ways. It not only educated but encouraged each trainee to look inwardly and assess their own practice, unconscious bias, self-care and self-worth. The day felt more like a university seminar than a training session – discussion was encouraged and scaffolded at every point. The training was delivered confidently by experts in the field who themselves were engaging and managed to deliver a session around incredibly serious and heavy content in a way which was still fun and enjoyable as well as informative. Each trainee went away with a practical change/improvement they planned to make to their practice. I can’t recommend this training highly enough.

PABBS – In House Training – Newcastle University – April 2024

Sue Holloway, Health & Wellbeing Service Development and Casework Manager, RMA The Royal Marines Charity, HMS EXCELLENT, Portsmouth

‘Having worked with serving personnel, veterans and their families over the past 28 years PABBS training delivers the knowledge needed to engage effectively and compassionately with the many people bereaved by suicide. The aftermath is often devastating and far reaching so knowing what support to consider is a must.  The breadth of lived experiences of suicide of those who attended added a much deeper level of understanding and was also inspirational.’

PABBS – London – July 18th 2023

Oliver Watson, Trainee Clinical Psychologist

As both a practitioner and a person who has lost someone to suicide, I really valued the session on the language to use around suicide with Angela. I think mental health professionals can often struggle with discomfort and preconceptions when we talk about suicide. I felt the session really empowered me to be direct in the language I use, but also helped me to understand that this can be done in a sensitive way that opens up helpful discussions. I also felt it provided some really useful thinking around the importance of considering the implications of the language we use when talking about suicide in the media. I’m planning to feed back the session to my team and would recommend it to anyone working in a service where suicide is often discussed.

On The Go – Children – July 14th 2023

Mark Richardson, Radiology Support Worker, Gateshead Health Trust

As a Mental Health First Aider/support worker i was inspired by the trainers knowledge and  research. Their first hand experience in supporting those affected personally and professionally, was expressed in the training and reconfirmed that this is an important area to develop my knowledge in . Highly recommend.

PABBS In-House Training – Gateshead – June 2023

Paul Butler-McLees, Head of Patient Safety and Learning, Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

PABBS facilitators attended my workplace and delivered a workshop for our Family Liaison Practitioners.  The facilitators presented some information that was entirely new to me, enabled me to examine my approach to speaking to and listening to families and how to look after myself.  The presentation was more a conversation and that was appreciated by the whole group.  The subject was handled very sensitively, with passion and compassion.  The course contents were entirely relevant and the resources are of a very high standard.  I’m really pleased that I and the team undertook this training, and it would come with my recommendation.


PABBS In-House Training – Gloucester – July 2023

Martin Roddis, CEO - Chief Elephant Officer, Elephants in Rooms

Thanks to PABBS, I am now accompanied by over seven and a half thousand voices that have been bereaved by suicide, and when I do the work that I do, that is a comfort to me. My training day with PABBS gave me insights I did not have, and resources I can draw upon, making me a better resource for the people I support. In the short time since the training I can tell you that those 7500 voices have already been heard by a university welfare team, dozens of bereavement volunteers and a collection of people who have found themselves in the club no one wanted to be in. But once you find yourself in that club, you realise you are desperately searching to connect with other members, so you can be heard and hear. I would recommend the training, for the knowledge, the opportunity to meet amazing facilitators, and the amazing attendees, who by association, are also members of that club. We all need to embrace that elephant and PABBS has given me the confidence and validation to do just that.

PABBS – Manchester – June 2023

Les;ey Hutton, Senior Clinical Carers Lead, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust

I attended the course with some apprehension, it’s a very relaxed environment and humour and appreciation for one another story is very pertinent to your own understanding of suicide and bereavement. It was also purposeful to connect to others on the course who have a lived experience of suicide that may shape how you deal with or manage future families that you may support in your role or profession. It would be good for me as an NHS professional to understand the journey of grief after suicide and I hope this would be explored further on the day. But appreciating one day is a short window to experience or develop such skills or at least have confidence in your acquisition. The resources that were given were good and already embedded them in my own workstream to support families and shared these amongst other colleagues. How we look after ourselves is very pertinent to our own resilience and something I need to develop-That was one thing I took away as a personal task. 

PABBS – Manchester – June 2023

Alex Sutcliffe, Major Incident Response Team, North Yorkshire Council

Angela and Yinka are a real credit to your organisation and the work you all do, thank you so much for one of the best training courses in this field of work.

PABBS – InHouse Training – North Yorks – March 2023

Alex Sutcliffe, Major Incident Response Team, North Yorkshire Council

I just wanted to say what an amazing day Angela and Yinka gave us.  The Major Incident Response Team volunteers provide the county’s primary postvention service and to be able to receive this valuable training really added to building their confidence in being able to sit with, and have compassionate conversations with those bereaved.  The course delivery is very informative and engaging with just the right balance of education and conversation.  Seeing the reality of data really brought the subject home to the volunteers and hopefully if they didn’t already know it they do now, the important role they play in quickly supporting those bereaved.  The volunteers have been emailing me to say how much they loved Angela and Yinka and that whilst they have done lots of training courses, this one will stay will them for many reasons. 

PABBS – InHouse Training – North Yorks – March 2023

Joe Rushbrook, Resilience and Emergencies Officer, North Yorkshire Council

Attending PABBS has made me more aware of my own needs and the needs of others during the bereavement process. The course is thought provoking and very emotive, delivered by amazing people. The PABBS training has made me more confident in supporting those bereaved by suicide.

PABBS – InHouse – North East – March 2023

Ann-Marie Malley, Patient Safety Specialist, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

‘I found the PABBS Training to be very informative.  The trainers were excellent in their presentation of information throughout the day and there was plenty of opportunity for discussion. The training highlighted the impact of suicide on both those bereaved and the wider impact on others e.g. friends, work colleagues, health professions, emergency responders etc. I would certainly recommend this training to those working in mental health.  So much to take away and consider’.

PABBS – Pennine Care – Oldham – October 2022

Jo King, Service Manager, Swindon & Gloucester MIND

‘This training is essential for those supporting individuals through such difficult times. I learnt so much, and feel so much more confident to use the tools  in my practice’.

PABBS – Gloucester – September 2022

Rachel Brunt, Practice Administartor, Arwystli Medical Practice

‘Having worked within Primary Care for many years and it was so valuable to be able to attend the PABBs training. Within my role I am often the first contact for patients who have been bereaved by suicide. The training has increased my confidence in being able to signpost appropriately and provide the right information to patients needing support. I would highly recommend this training for Primary Care Teams’.

PABBS – POWYS – September 2022

Cai Tomos, Integrated Arts Psychotherapist, Independant Artist

‘I found the training to be so valuable and so necessary.  Its a rare thing to be in a space where we as professionals can unpack the complexity of suicide and its impact on individuals and society at large. To be together as we wade through opinions, biases, fears and hopes in a mutually supportive and held training. What I found to be most powerful was the emphasis on raw and current statistics around suicide, and how sharing the personal impact of that data makes it more likely that we become agents of change. The training gave everyone space to speak from both  a personal and professional perspective about the impact of suicide ,  and to speak from the heart in a safe and compassion centred context’.

PABBS – POWYS – September 2022

Alun Flynn, Principal Educational Psychologist

” I was very reassured by the professionalism behind the PABBS training delivered recently to a multiagency audience in Powys. It was a very clear, interesting and timely presentation and provided safe opportunities for small group discussion. Our goal is to ensure greater awareness of this area within our School Service, and that every school has a postvention protocol to follow when necessary.”

PABBS – POWYS – September 2022

Julia Hunt, Clinical Team Leader, University of Central Lancashire

I found the training to be very comprehensive and well delivered. For a subject matter that is of course potentially very emotive, the course material and facilitators got the tone absolutely right. The lived experience although incredibly sad, and a legacy that nobody wishes to have, added that extra sincerity and credibility to the delivery. The group size was perfect with all participants very respectful of each other and everyone had the opportunity to contribute. The evidence base behind the findings consolidated how to safely and sensitively support persons bereaved and affected by suicide which in itself contributes to suicide prevention.

PABBS – London – June 2022

Ellen Bruce, Mental Health Social Worker, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI)

I really enjoyed the PABBS training event delivered by Angela and Sharon. The content was both thought provoking and informative. The training provided useful resources and workbooks that I am looking forward to sharing with my colleagues. Personally, I feel the training increased my confidence in engaging with individuals who have been bereaved by suicide. It has encouraged me to be mindful of the language often used in service provision and reinforced the importance of being a listening ear. “It’s okay not to have all the answers, we cannot solve but we CAN support”.

PABBS – Belfast – June 2022

Nicola Williams, Support worker, Pennine Care Helath Liaison Team, Ashton Under Lyne

Fab training provided, very informative and knowledgeable has been able to enable me to share information with our liaison practitioners and gave me the information which I was able to put together for the practitioners which in turn enables them to support  individuals who are in need of support from bereavement by suicide and able to signpost them for further support so gaining this knowledge was massive and extremely helpful for our Liaison team.

The training also provided a safe space to discuss this very sensitive subject.

The day went to fast thank you

PABBS – Pennine Care, Manchester – May 2022