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Funeral Professions


Rev Annie McMullen, Chaplain, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

I recently attended the PABBS training in Oldham for Pennine NHS Foundation Trust.

As a Church of England Chaplain, I thought I was prepared and thought I had some knowledge about dealing with ‘bereaved after suicide.’ This course just re-iterated what a very complex situation this is. It has offered me time to think about how I can change my attitude and skills in dealing with this very sensitive time. I wish I had some of this valuable information before I had to support two families who had lost children to suicide. I cannot recommend the course enough, the trainers and the course content are excellent….Hopefully this situation wont be a common occurrence but if it happens again I feel so much more equipped to support family friends and colleaugues and of course to look after myself.

PABBS In-House Training – Pennine Care – Oldham – November 2023

Simon Griffiths, Funeral Operative, H Porter & Sons

I found this PABBS training to be very interesting and informative and helped me to understand some of the considerations specific to suicide bereavement, and how better to engage with those affected by it. The training also considered those indirectly affected, such as  the emergency services, funeral profession etc. and to be mindful of the effects on their health and wellbeing.

PABBS InHouse Training – Stourbridge, March 2023

Brian Bull, Celebrant, Vice President of AOIC

I recently attended (Feb 2023) On The Go training on ‘Talking to Children and Young People Affected by Suicide’ facilitated by SBUK; as Celebrants, we are sometimes the next professionals to speak with the family after the emergency service, so it is important that we understand where possible the correct language when talking with the bereaved. The training was delivered in an easy-to-understand way. I would highly recommend the training to other professional Celebrants.

On The Go – Talking to Children and Young People – Feb 2023

Tim Maguire, Humanist Celebrant,, Honorary Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh

I found the training timely, inspiring and useful. As a celebrant, I’m well aware of the stigma that still surrounds suicide and the difficulty we have with talking about it. It hasn’t been part of my direct experience as a chaplain and a member of the listening service but it’s only a matter of time before it does, and I now feel much better prepared to deal with it and the effect it will have not only on those directly involved but the wider community around it.


I wish you well in your work.

PABBS – Edinburgh – May 17th 2022

Trishna Singh, Director Sikh Sanjog. Honorary Sikh Chaplain Edinburgh University 2022, Sikh Sanjog

The fact that both trainers bring their lived experience of how suicide affected them and their families made it easier for me to talk about my experience. I found the training very informative and it raised many questions for me. Coming from an ethnic minority community in Scotland we are as a community still not in a place where the issue of Suicide is discussed or even acknowledged. It also highlighted how much this kind training is needed for grassroots organisations that work with ethnic communities. I was only able to access this training through Edinburgh University Chaplaincy who funded the training.

PABBS – Edinburgh – May 17th 2022

Jeff Heaton, Celebrant, Association of Independent Celebrants

An extremely informative day which gave me a better insight into how many people are affected in a case of death by suicide and in how to deal with them. It will certainly assist in my work as a celebrant taking funerals and know how to work more closely and effectively with people.
PABBS training – Manchester – March 2020

Amy Peters, Funeral Director, Dignity Funerals Ltd, Surrey

I cannot recommend the PABBS course enough. Informative, sensitive and inspiring, the course leaders were excellent and have real experience with dealing with suicide bereavement. I also met some wonderful people on the course from all walks of life and experiences. It gave me a lot to think about and will help me better serve the families I deal with.
PABBS training – Manchester – December 2019

Tracy Ward, Celebrant - Life Coach - Reviewer, Simply Beautiful Ceremonies

As a funeral celebrant I put this training at the top of my list. We need to know the facts and how we can walk into the midst of a family in this much pain & understand the language to use. This training should be compulsory It also reminds us all to be mindful.
Tweet – June 19th 2019 about PABBS Training

Mike Norbury, Funeral Celebrant, Manchester

I got a great deal from the day and in fact because it gave me more confidence with talking to those affected by suicide it has opened doors to conversations with people who have or are having suicidal thoughts. I think it’s that confidence they sense that allows people to open up and talk about their thoughts where before they couldn’t. I found the day to be engaging and interactive especially because such a wide range of professionals attended and indeed people who have directly lost loved ones through suicide. It is certainly helping me greatly with suicide Bereavement within my profession as a Funeral Celebrant.  Funeral directors are always a bit weary of getting the funeral right as the bereavement  is complex and needs specialist training to help the bereaved through what is an unimaginable time of their lives. Wonderful work and essential for anyone working in and around those touched by suicide.
PABBS training – Manchester – October 2018

Paul Bowen, Funeral Celebrant, East of England Co-op, Ipswich

It was a great pleasure to meet you and the Facilitators on what was an extremely worthwhile and beneficial course. I know that that I will be able to use much of the material as I spend time with Families affected by suicide. Thank you so much.
PABBS training – Manchester – February 2018