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Emergency Services


Margaret Toward, Welfare Manager, Durham Police

This training has value in better understanding and guiding a caring response to those bereaved by suicide.  It’s an issue colleagues not only encounter in operational roles, but also within the communities we live, and the organisations in which we work – so the impact that sensitive , compassionate and supportive response can make is immense. Knowledgeable trainers, engaging delivery.  I attended a multi-agency training event which helped maximise sharing of local knowledge and collective understanding which was an added bonus.

RTS – Emergency Services – Durham – Nov 29th 2023

Kasey Grainger, Watch Manager, Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service

I found this course very insightful and educational, it has left me with a greater awareness around the topic especially when talking about suicide or attending these types of incidents.  I think the course is of greatest benefit when it’s a group of different agencies.  Very worthwhile attending for anyone who may respond to suicide incidents.

RTS – Emergency Services – Carlisle – Oct 11th 2023

Dave Bradshaw, Watch Manager, Thornaby Fire Station

As an operational Watch manager at Thornaby fire station which specialises in water rescue for the Brigade area, we deal with many incidents involving suicide or attempted suicide. We tend to deal with such incidents in a professional manner similar to the way we deal with all our incidents by trying to ensure the safety of our crews whilst hopefully saving life as we often do. We perhaps sometimes don’t give enough thought to the individual or their families or the impact we as professionals can have in those initial moments. The RTS training was presented brilliantly in a way that captivated all that attended and in future as incident commander I will be more aware and hopefully be able to give extra support to those affected including my own crews.

RTS Emergency Services – Hartlepool – October 4th 2023

Katie Love, Fire Officer, Cleveland Fire and Rescue Service.

Excellent course for anyone who manages people in the emergency services. Gave me more of an insight of the role we play been the first on scene at a suicide incident. It made me realise the impact that we can have on people at there worst times. Really informative and well presented for a difficult subject and valuable discussion have been raised by the issues of mental health in our service.

RTS Emergency Services – Hartlepool October 4th 2023

Wendy Booth, Clinical Navigator - Paramedic Senior Clinical Advisor, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

As a Paramedic of 18 years, I have often attended those who have died by suicide, and always felt out of my depth when speaking to families or friends around the patient, what do you actually say to someone who’s loved one you cannot help.  Hearing the lived experience of Angela opened my eyes as to how the small gestures matter, how the blanket around a shoulder, a separate space or even just a shoulder to lean on is important.  It is invaluable training for anyone who will come into contact with the relatives of those who have died by suicide, to better understand how the things we say and how we act may have an impact on the family for may years to come.  


RTS – Emergency Services – Yorkshire Ambulance – Sept 7th 2023

Natalie Pavey, Health & Wellbeing Manager, Kent Fire & Rescue Service

‘Recently attended the one day ‘Postvention: Assisting those bereaved by suicide’ training with my colleague and found the content invaluable for providing appropriate support to those bereaved by suicide.  The course was thought-provoking, engaging and well delivered, and involved other partner agencies which added other relevant perspectives.  I would recommend the course to anyone involved in supporting those bereaved by suicide or designing and implementing services to support others impacted by these events.’

PABBS In-House Training – Kent & Medway – March 2023

Brian Jones, Police Inspector, Dyfed Powys Police

‘The PABBS training was very informative and was well run by the trainers. The information, resources and workbook are essential to influence change in how we as a Police Service along with Partner Agencies respond to those bereaved by suicide.  The course was well attended by a wide variety of Organisations, Third Party and key personnel, all of whom shared their experiences. The course highlighted for me personally how consideration must be provided to the impact on Emergency Service personnel in attending incidents and also provided useful resources which have now been implemented as part of our response to support Police Staff. The course provided an excellent foundation for us as Partners to improve our understanding and response to those affected by suicide.’

PABBS – POWYS – September 2022

Kerry Garbutt, Paramedic

I feel privileged to have been on your PABBS course and it helped me in two  ways – in my work as a paramedic and knowing that whilst I cannot make it better for the relatives I can be there and also on a personal level when dealing with the aftermath of a suicide making sure I address my own feelings and look after my own mental health. […] The passion and commitment you showed us on this course has inspired me and made me determined to share with my colleagues the best way to both deal with events like this personally and also how I can help relatives of the deceased in a more constructive way.

PABBS – Kent & Medway – December 2021

@cumbriaMHCop, Police Officer, Cumbria

Currently attending a day of fabulous training on how to assist and support those bereaved by suicide. Honored to be part of this ongoing work

Tweet – October 2020 about PABBS Training

Justine Haw, Detective Constable, Thames Valley Police

“I was really glad to attend this training and find that the content was wholly applicable to the police service’s response to death by (suspected) suicide. The 2 trainers were fantastic and their passion and drive to address suicide bereavement was clear to see. I will definitely be sharing my learning with colleagues.


In relation to the Covid -19 protocols, I felt it was a really well considered and safe environment and I don’t think there is much more that could have been done.”

PABBS in-house training – High Wycombe – October 2020

Nicola Wildin, Suicide Bereavement Support Liaison Co-Ordinator, Thames Valley Police

Andrea & Sharon’s training skilfully combined thought-provoking data with a powerful & heartfelt argument for informed postvention as suicide prevention. I found this a confidence boosting & life affirming event

PABBS in-house training – High Wycombe – October 2020

David Colchester, Local Criminal Justice Board, Thames Valley Police

‘I wanted to share my grateful thanks to you both, and please pass onto Andrea, for the excellent training provided to our Thames Valley group last week.   [….]  The feedback which is flowing through following the training completely assures me that the training was well received. I shall be reporting to the stakeholders who helped fund the training, well evidenced appreciation of the contribution you all made to this important area of work. Your personal commitment to delivery of such a very well thought out training package has certainly delivered personal development, inspired wider briefings to colleagues, provided fantastic skills to those who attended and will no doubt add to the valuable support that all agencies are offering to bereaved relatives and those affected by suicides locally.

PABBS in-house training – High Wycombe – October 2020

Lee Fryatt, Inspector, Hampshire Constabulary, Hampshire

“I attended this training with a degree of apprehension. Having been a first responder to suicide and a bereaved parent I was acutely aware of the challenges involved in bringing people together to openly discuss an emotive and often taboo subject. I needn’t have worried; both trainers were first class, extremely experienced and open in sharing both their professional and personal experiences of suicide. Professionals will often only have one chance to get the response right, the PABBS training is a key ingredient to ensure those responding to anyone bereaved suicide gets it right first time”.  
PABBS training – Manchester – March 2020