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Education, Children & Young People


Sharon & Paul O’Gara, Trustees, Mary O’Gara Foundation

After losing our beautiful daughter Mary to suicide in May 2020. We became increasingly aware that our granddaughter who was 6 at the time and so very close to her auntie, would one day start to ask more questions around how Mary died and so this training session was absolutely vital for us to understand how best to support her but also give us the confidence to be able to respond to her questions. The 90 minute session “Talking to children and young people when there has been a suicide”  was excellent and we would highly recommend this training for anyone living or working with a child who has been affected by suicide.

On The Go – Talking to Children and Young People – Feb 2023

Charlene Andrews, ASA/ELSA, Marshland Primary Academy

The trainer was very informative and happy to answer any questions or queries that we had. The language that was used to speak to the children would not be what I would have used before but I can see that this opens up opportunities for the children affected to ask questions. The training has also given me the confidence to have these conversations with the children even if I don’t have the answer. Having had a few children that have been affected buy suicide in the last few months, with this training I will know better how to support them.

On The Go – Talking to Children & Young People – InHouse – Rotherham – Nov 2022

Alun Flynn, Principal Educational Psychologist

” I was very reassured by the professionalism behind the PABBS training delivered recently to a multiagency audience in Powys. It was a very clear, interesting and timely presentation and provided safe opportunities for small group discussion. Our goal is to ensure greater awareness of this area within our School Service, and that every school has a postvention protocol to follow when necessary.”

PABBS – POWYS – September 2022

Julia Hunt, Clinical Team Leader, University of Central Lancashire

I found the training to be very comprehensive and well delivered. For a subject matter that is of course potentially very emotive, the course material and facilitators got the tone absolutely right. The lived experience although incredibly sad, and a legacy that nobody wishes to have, added that extra sincerity and credibility to the delivery. The group size was perfect with all participants very respectful of each other and everyone had the opportunity to contribute. The evidence base behind the findings consolidated how to safely and sensitively support persons bereaved and affected by suicide which in itself contributes to suicide prevention.

PABBS – London – June 2022

Tim Maguire, Humanist Celebrant,, Honorary Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh

I found the training timely, inspiring and useful. As a celebrant, I’m well aware of the stigma that still surrounds suicide and the difficulty we have with talking about it. It hasn’t been part of my direct experience as a chaplain and a member of the listening service but it’s only a matter of time before it does, and I now feel much better prepared to deal with it and the effect it will have not only on those directly involved but the wider community around it.


I wish you well in your work.

PABBS – Edinburgh – May 17th 2022

Trishna Singh, Director Sikh Sanjog. Honorary Sikh Chaplain Edinburgh University 2022, Sikh Sanjog

The fact that both trainers bring their lived experience of how suicide affected them and their families made it easier for me to talk about my experience. I found the training very informative and it raised many questions for me. Coming from an ethnic minority community in Scotland we are as a community still not in a place where the issue of Suicide is discussed or even acknowledged. It also highlighted how much this kind training is needed for grassroots organisations that work with ethnic communities. I was only able to access this training through Edinburgh University Chaplaincy who funded the training.

PABBS – Edinburgh – May 17th 2022

Chris David, CAMHS Team Manager (West), Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

I attended the PABBS course in Gloucester on 23rd November 2021.  The training was a valuable experience. Focus was on Postvention, an important area often overlooked historically for survivors of suicide of friends and families that have taken their lives. The course was handled sensitively by the facilitators. There were clear presentations with information provided on recent clinical research into the area . Sharing experience with attendees helped support confidence, to those who have come into contact with families. I would encourage both statutoru and non-statutory members to attend.

PABBS – Gloucester – November 2021

Vicki Boggon, Suicide Bereavement Support/Suicide Safer Schools Co-ordinator, Every Life Matters

This is a brilliant course, inspiring and invigorating.  It has elements of everything from reflection, reviewing, renewing thoughts, ideas and practice within a practical, interactive and safe environment.  There are opportunities to engage, liaise and learn from others.  I loved it and it flew by.  I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone working in any area of suicide bereavement, prevention and postvention settings!  Thank you Sharon and Angela for the passion, knowledge and skills you have passed on during this session!

PABBS – Manchester – Nov 2021

Sami Marshall, Youth Works Northamptonshire

“Excellent days training. The passion and commitment from Sharon and her team to be open and honest about suicide bereavement and their drive to reduce stigma was infectious. As someone starting in a new role as a suicide bereavement support worker I felt filled with confidence, skills and understanding by both the professional training given and the heartfelt stories of their lived experiences.”

PABBS – Manchester – September 2021

Gina McDonald, Senior Youth Worker, Colin Youth Development Centre, Belfast

“I am a senior youth worker for the EA CYPS (Children and Young People Services). I am also part of our critical incident team and provide postvention and psychological first aid in schools and communities after any critical incident or sudden death . This training brought very much a different aspect and enhancement my existing skills set and very much filled a very evident gap in bespoke response to families and parents bereaved by suicide . It made me think and review my interventions that in the future to approach from a whole family impact perspective . Really thought provoking and motivating me to keep learning and adding to how I support those bereaved through sudden death”

PABBS Training – Belfast – April 2021

Shirin McGregor, Trainee Youth Worker/Counsellor, Nais House, Oxford

I felt the day was very well organised thorough postvention training.  Opportunities to question, excellent advice and resources to take away and signposting to access more.  Sharon & Angela are very personable and honest creating a very open forum for everyone to join in discussion and share experience in a confidential environment. 

I felt very safe with the COVID measures that were put in place for the day.

PABBS Training – Manchester – December 2020

Vivienne Lee, Child Mortality Nurse, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

It was a fantastic day, where a difficult subject was handled well.

I have known families in both my personal and professional life, who have been bereaved by suicide and have felt ill equipped to know how to best care for them. This training has provided great insight in how to support families and professionals through this challenging time.

PABBS in-house training – High Wycombe – October 2020

Emma Kneebone, Bereavement Services Manager, 2 Wish Upon A Star

The PABBS Suicide Bereavement Training  was really informative and very useful for working practice. The facilitators were friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and it was a comprehensive and very engaging.

It was the first in-person training post-COVID and I felt extremely safe due to the protocols put in place by the Suicide Bereavement UK team and the venue itself.

Highly recommended and a very enjoyable day – thank you.

PABBS training – Manchester – September 2020

Lorraine O’Mara, Young Persons Counsellor, Manchester and Blackburn Foyer, Blackburn

I recently attended the PABBS training in Manchester, the course exceeded my expectations and will be very useful in the future whilst working with young people.The training will help me to identify the risk of suicide and the likely hood of suicide in families. The course in delivered in a professional manner with many. Interesting facts to support the information delivered.
PABBS training – Manchester – December 2019

Andy Smith, Deputy Manager, New Beginings Ltd, Gloucester

I attended the PABBS course in Gloucester on 4th December 2019 with Dr Sharon Mcdonnell & Andrea it was very well organised and very well presented with a loads of passion which shines through the whole course,  It makes the course well worth attending, it was packed with loads of information which was very helpful  & so easy to understand, I did this Course because i did ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) in March 2019 and the go side by side, I have a been personally effected & by family attempting Suicide and that was very painful for me and people around me, Since doing both courses i have used both courses with my work place and so far very successful by giving me the courage to spot signs & to ask someone if they fell Suicide, I thank you for sharing your experience & skills with people that need you help.
PABBS in-house training – Gloucester – December 2019

Catherine Booth, Counsellor, North Halifax Grammar School, Halifax

I would say that this is everything you want from a day’s training: thought-provoking discussion, fantastic resources and a fresh perspective on such a difficult subject. If ever it was worth spending a day training, this was it.
PABBS Training – Manchester – September 2019

Dr Lisa Edwards, Lecturer, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford, North East

I attended the PABBS training on 10th July 2019 and it was an extremely worthwhile evidence based course.  All health professionals from all disciplines  should attend this training regardless of if they work in mental health.  The information presented is essential for all who will come into contact with any person bereaved by suicide, and you never know who they will be, as it is far reaching and can touch anyone.  It should be mandatory for all healthcare providers from the Chief Executive down.  The course tutors were very knowledgeable and engaging and conveyed difficult information in professional yet supportive way.  Anyone who is able to influence staff training should make this mandatory.  It should be included in all healthcare programmes across the UK.
PABBS training – Manchester – July 2019

Sharron Walker, Community Facilitator for Adults with learning Disabilities and or Autism, Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Yorkshire

Training highlighted a lot of aspects I was already aware of, however it also gave an insight to perspectives’ of how different family members were expected to behave and why which was very interesting.  Also gave information of sources of help which I have chosen to keep as they may be useful in future.
PABBS in-house training – Preston – June 2019

Sophie Brown, PhD Student, University of Hull, North East

An interesting, informative training session providing a great opportunity to develop knowledge of working with individuals bereaved by suicide. Trainers are knowledgeable, approachable and empathic providing a safe environment to discuss key issues and learn from other mental health professionals.
PABBS training – Manchester – May 2019

Joe Taylor, Student Support Officer, The British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), Manchester

Thank you for providing such excellent and engaging training on suicide bereavement. Sharon, Angela and Liz were knowledgeable, approachable and passionate about the subject and helped me to build my confidence in supporting those who have been bereaved by suicide. The training has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and enabled me provide a higher standard of pastoral care.
PABBS training – Manchester – November 2018