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Emma Kneebone, Bereavement Services Manager, 2 Wish Upon A Star

The PABBS Suicide Bereavement Training  was really informative and very useful for working practice. The facilitators were friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and it was a comprehensive and very engaging.

It was the first in-person training post-COVID and I felt extremely safe due to the protocols put in place by the Suicide Bereavement UK team and the venue itself.

Highly recommended and a very enjoyable day – thank you.

PABBS training – Manchester – September 2020

Michelina Gurie, Mental Health Support and Liaison Worker with the Rough Sleeper Initiative, Bucks Mind

Training was exceptionally well delivered, engaging and inspirational. Speakers were very personable and anecdotal which brought the science and data to life.


Covid guidelines were followed to the letter and the venues expectations and requirements were expressed in a friendly and encouraging way. Which reinforced a sense of inclusion and safety.

PABBS in-house training – High Wycombe – October 2020

Natalie Harrison, Counselling Office Administrator, Buckinghamshire Mind

The PABBS training was not only perfectly structured and highly informative but also gave me practical knowledge in understanding and communicating with those bereaved by suicide – all supported with valuable and current research. Although, considered a highly emotive and taboo subject, both Sharon and Andrea approached us as learners sensitively, with consideration of our own experiences in mind and I left feeling inspired by the team. A highly recommended training to anyone working with those affected or bereaved by suicide.


The COVID-19 protocols were well thought out and executed. I felt very comfortable wearing a mask whilst moving around the room and not when sat at the desk. The only minor improvement I can suggest is providing hand sanitisers at each desk. Although, I appreciate hand sanitisers were available at the entrance and they come at a cost. Overall, I felt safe!


Thank you again for a great day and I look forward to the online suicide bereavement conference.

PABBS in-house training – High Wycombe – October 2020

James Purnell, Service Development Manager, CALM, London

“Excellent workshop-style training sessions with value to a whole range of professions. Evidence-based teaching with a host of practical applications and delivered in a sensitive but engaging tone. Can’t fault it.”
PABBS in-house training – SW London – March 2020

Louisa Mace, MIND, Guernsey

A very comprehensive and interesting course that was well delivered and backed up by supporting evidence and information. It has led to further discussion at work of how we can support bereaved people within our society
PABBS training – Manchester – March 2020

Claire Louise Curran

This training is brilliant, myself and a colleague completed it almost 2 years ago and i use it daily in my work. If you work supporting families bereaved by suicide then definitely do this training.
Tweet – February 2020 about PABBS Training

Ieuan Edwards, Senior Lead , MIND, Gloucester

Excellent day of Training, Postvention: Assisting Those Bereaved by Suicide @SBUK11. Making #Postvention part of #Prevention
Tweet – February 2020 about PABBS Training

Louisa Mace, Training and Event Officer, MIND, Guernsey

“A very comprehensive and interesting course that was well delivered and backed up by supporting evidence and information. It has lead to further discussion at work of how we can support bereaved people within our society.”
PABBS training – Manchester – January 2020

Patrick Mullery, James Support Group, Highlands - Scotland

Excellent course, with valuable materials throughout. I recommend it for anyone involved with suicides at any stage. Thank you for providing this much needed resource.
PABBS training – Manchester – December 2019

Angela King, Community Wellbeing Agent, The Independence Trust, Gloucester

I thought the PABBS suicide training course very good. It is extremely informative and helpful. The course helped enormously making the actual essence of suicide (which is such a difficult thing to approach) less frightening and somehow easier. The approach of the course is sensitive and practical. It will undoubtedly help me.
PABBS in-house training – Gloucester – December 2019

Stephen McCrimmon, Adult Services Manager, MIND, Jersey

I found the PABBS training to be delivered professionally and with real understanding of the effects of loss by suicide. This is a well put together piece of training that i found authentic and will be a great help to anyone coming into contact with those affected by loss to Suicide.
PABBS training – Manchester – December 2019

Andy Smith, Deputy Manager, New Beginings Ltd, Gloucester

I attended the PABBS course in Gloucester on 4th December 2019 with Dr Sharon Mcdonnell & Andrea it was very well organised and very well presented with a loads of passion which shines through the whole course,  It makes the course well worth attending, it was packed with loads of information which was very helpful  & so easy to understand, I did this Course because i did ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) in March 2019 and the go side by side, I have a been personally effected & by family attempting Suicide and that was very painful for me and people around me, Since doing both courses i have used both courses with my work place and so far very successful by giving me the courage to spot signs & to ask someone if they fell Suicide, I thank you for sharing your experience & skills with people that need you help.
PABBS in-house training – Gloucester – December 2019

Laura Abbott, Operations Manager and Training Coordinator, Chilypep, Sheffield

I’ve been delivering a range of mental health awareness training and suicide prevention training in relation to young people’s mental health for some time and have experience supporting young people we work with around suicidal thoughts and attempts so have always looked at suicide from the perspective of young people going through difficult times. It was really useful to think about suicide from the perspective of those bereaved by suicide and I learnt a great deal of new insights. I took a huge amount away from the training that I think will be greatly help me both when supporting people in relation to suicide, but also in helping me having more well rounded knowledge and understanding of the effects of suicide on multiple communities that I can bring into the training I do. Would highly recommend PABBS training to anyone and everyone!
PABBS training – Manchester – September 2019

Professor Zaffer Iqbal, Clinical Director – Psychological Services, NAViGO Health and Social Care CIC, Grimsby

A comprehensive and very helpful course for all individuals involved in any aspect of postvention work, and irrespective of your knowledge and experience it will provide you with nuances and insights that are most rewarding.
PABBS training – Manchester – July 2019

Peter Giles, Suicide Liaison Worker, AMPARO, Rotherham

I recently attended a PABBS training event led by Dr Sharon McDonnell. The group which she led was composed of professionals from a wide range of services but her delivery was pertinent to all. Succinct, personable, knowledgeable and empathic she showed a genuine interest  in all participants showing an easy manner engaging individuals fully with a potentially challenging subject. Although experienced in working with survivors of suicide I gained further insights into my own competences and made valuable contacts within the group.
PABBS in-house training – Rotherham – July 2019

Ann Feloy, Founder , Olly's Future, Sussex

I found the PABBS course both informative and inspiring. I was particularly impressed by the practical guidance given around creating a framework and service-response plan to immediately help those who lose their loved ones to suicide. I wish we had received support from our practice when we lost our son Oliver. Ideally all GPs should have this training.
PABBS training – Manchester – June 2019

Barry Head, Counselling Senior Practitioner, MIND, Oldham

I found the training to be informative and insightful, it was effectively delivered by knowledgeable professionals in a safe and supportive environment. In the few weeks since attending I have implemented strategies and signposted numerous clients as a direct result of the training and awareness I gained through attending. An invaluable resource for any frontline Mental Health Worker.
PABBS training – Manchester – June 2019

Fiona Tuomey, Founder, H.U.G.G. (Healing Untold Grief Groups), Dublin

The PABBS UK provides informative, interactive, thought provoking training for those working with the suicide bereaved. Evidence based training such as this is imperative for effective postvention.
PABBS training – Manchester – June 2019

Kelly Warner, Suicide Bereavement Support Worker, Six Degrees Social Enterprise, Manchester

Sharon and the team have put together a fantastic, well-researched, suicide bereavement training programme. It is clear, concise and extremely informative. Anyone and everyone would benefit from taking part and developing their knowledge further on a very tough subject that effects so many people.
PABBS training – Manchester – June 2019

Debbie McCrellis, Founder, Flowerpot Foundation, Northern Ireland

I traveled from Northern Ireland to attend the PABBS training in May 2019.  Being bereaved by suicide myself, I was extremely anxious and unsure of what to expect on the day.  The training was ’first class’, included lots of content and it was delivered in a compassionate and professional manner.  It was a great opportunity to network, but most importantly I came away with key skills and valuable knowledge to be proactive and confident when supporting others who have been affected by suicide. I would highly recommend this training for anyone working within postvention.  In the future, it would be great to have PABBS training being delivered in Northern Ireland.
PABBS training – Manchester – May 2019