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Armed Forces


Sue Holloway, Health & Wellbeing Service Development and Casework Manager, RMA The Royal Marines Charity, HMS EXCELLENT, Portsmouth

‘Having worked with serving personnel, veterans and their families over the past 28 years PABBS training delivers the knowledge needed to engage effectively and compassionately with the many people bereaved by suicide. The aftermath is often devastating and far reaching so knowing what support to consider is a must.  The breadth of lived experiences of suicide of those who attended added a much deeper level of understanding and was also inspirational.’

PABBS – London – July 18th 2023

Nikki McGee, Project Coordinator (Everton Veterans), Everton in the Community

Having only ever previously attended suicide prevention training, I found the PABBS training to be extremely valuable to equip me with the tools to support those bereaved by suicide.  The pace, structure and delivery was excellent and I came away feeling much more confident in how to support my peers, participants and family and friends.

PABBS Training – Manchester – June 2023

Rick Harrington, Mental Health Trainer, FORCES in the Community

“PABBS training delivers the knowledge needed to engage effectively with people bereaved by suicide. The aftermath is often devastating and far reaching so knowing what support to consider is a must.”

There were no issues for me with the COVID-19 arrangements.

PABBS Training – Manchester – December 2020

Richard Anderson, Veterans Liaison Nurse, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust, North East

I thought the training was very informative, the trainers delivered the training superbly. Their lived experience helped to the keep the audience focused. I found the training very interactive and a range of learning sources were used.  I would thoroughly recommend this training to by colleagues and feel it has helped me think in a different way and can use some of what I have learned in my own practice.

PABBS in-house training – Sunderland – November 2019

Linos Jimbu, Mental Health Nurse, Armed Forces, North West

A very interesting and valuable training workshop.  I learnt a lot about relevant resources and skills that can be shared with other clinicians and those individuals bereaved by suicide. The reading material and hyperlinks were informative and constructive.

PABBS in-house training – Preston – October 2019

Charlotte Dowling, Senior Mental Health Social Worker, Ministry of Defence, North West

I recently organised for the (PABBS) team to come into the Barracks and provide some training for welfare and health staff here for Military personnel. The trainers are fantastic and so knowledgeable with a good mix of personal and professional experience, I didn’t know what to expect from the training or how this would be received in a military context but the team made it so applicable to our environment and everyone got a lot out of the day with a lot of transferrable skills for each of their areas of work.

PABBS in-house training – Preston – October 2019

Major Graham Dowling, Regimental Administration Officer, 156 Regiment – Royal Logistic Corps, North West

I found the Evidence based suicide bereavement training extremely useful, the course is tailored to suit open and honest discussion amongst the delegates,  taking examples from the lived and personal experiences. The training develops understanding of the bereavement process following suicide and I feel that the session would be of great benefit for anyone who provides any welfare or emotional support within their profession. The Army has an excellent welfare system in place,  this training would provide essential knowledge and skills to welfare practitioners and I highly recommend the course.

PABBS in-house training – Preston – October 2019

Sgt Ravi Maan, Army Welfare Worker, Army Welfare Service, North West

I found the PABBS suicide bereavement training to be very insightful and it provided me with a wider understanding of those affected by loved ones completing suicide.  It was taught in a easy and relaxed environment, which helped me understand all the different subjects delivered.  I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable and they brought a fresh and interesting atmosphere to this rather difficult and complicated subject.  I would recommend this training to anyone in the welfare profession.

PABBS in-house training – Preston – October 2019