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Testimonials Backup

PABBS – Manchester – May 2024

<p>"Can I place on record how excellent the 2<sup>nd</sup> May 2024 PABBS training was yesterday at NOVOTEL Manchester. The whole package was first class and the trainers and support team were great with us.  Having already received some training and attended a range of support group sessions I was drawn by the accredited qualification you offered. There was a powerful mix of lived experience, charity workers and health professionals in the room who were enabled and encouraged to educate each other. Having lost my 12 year old son to suicide last year I am looking for help to skill up and move on to try and put something back in as we walk with our grief. We are in the process of setting up a bereavement group in our local area. The PABBS course offered all of that and more, so I am highly recommending it to others. Don’t miss this!"</p>

PABBS – In House Training – Newcastle University – April 2024

<p>Although a very emotive subject, it is the best course I have been on. This course is extremely valuable in helping staff to understand the support and aftercare available to those bereaved by suicide, I think most people are worried they say or do the wrong thing and I think this course answers most , if not all of the worries and actually makes you realise you aren’t alone in having those worries. This course was thought provoking , engaging and well delivered and I believe all frontline emergency workers should receive this training.</p>

PABBS – In House Training – Newcastle University – May 2024

<p>I have been involved in social work and education for over 30 years and have attended a great deal of training. This session ranks as one of the best sessions I have had the absolute joy to be present in. From the wonderfully warm and professional facilitators to the robust evidence-based research through to the profound impact it has had on my practice. It is uncommon to meet colleagues who have lived experience of the subject matter. That was the difference between this session and other CPD I have experienced down the years. Unflinching in their handling of this sensitive subject meant there was a professional confidence in the room to hone practice, open up honest conversations with students/clients and help as many people as possible bereaved by suicide; to live, love ,hope, dream and at times simply continue. I can only say thank you for this session and encourage more people to sign up and participate.</p>

PABBS – In House Training – Newcastle University – March 2024

<p><span style="background-color: #ffffff;">After attending the PABBS one day course I have become more aware of my own needs and the needs of others during the bereavement process. The course was thought provoking and very emotive, and delivered by an amazing group of people. The PABBS training has made me more confident in supporting those dealing with bereavement, not just from suicide.</span></p>

PABBS – In House Training – Newcastle University – March 2024

<p>My name is Darren and I work for Newcastle University, having recently took part in this training, not only did I find it beneficial, but I also found it educational for my job role. I would recommend this training. 10 out of 10 for the training staff. This training can help me help others that are in need of help and support during times of need.</p>

PABBS – In House Training – Guernsey – March 2024

<p class="elementtoproof"><span style="color: black;">"I have been a Police Officer for 15 years, during this time I have been a first responder to suicide but also bereaved by suicide through a sibling. Even with my experience of suicide, the training really opened my eyes to the wider subject matter delivered by amazing trainers whose knowledge and experience shone through. The variety of the training course was effective and it motivated the group to positively engage which resulted in some very good open conversations. The training resources were also impressive and professional with a lot of useful information provided electronically for future reference and sign posting. I would certainly be keen to return and complete any similar training."</span></p>

PABBS – In House Training – Newcastle University – April 2024

<p>I would like to express my gratitude for the training you provided. I found it so informative and helpful on so many different levels. I know that the training increased my professional understanding of the subject matter. Thank you so much.</p>

PABBS – Manchester – May 2024

<p>Wow, where do I begin?  This training was delivered with compassion, empathy and kindness to all attendees.  The subject is difficult for obvious reasons, however this training was delivered in such a way that we should be shouting the topic from the rooftops so that there is no longer a stigma about it and those bereaved by suicide know that services are out there to support and walk beside them in their grief. </p> <p>The course on a whole has given me lots to contemplate and ponder when supporting those left behind. I feel very privileged to have been able to attend this training which in turn has already had an impact on my work. The only thing else I can say is get it booked NOW!!!!!</p>

PABBS – Manchester – May 2024

<p class="p1" style="margin: 0cm;"><span class="s1">Excellent training!</span></p> <p class="p1" style="margin: 0cm;"><span class="s1">I would highly recommend this training as it provides an understanding of the need to proactively engage and appropriately respond with those affected/bereaved by suicide. </span><span class="apple-converted-space"> </span><span class="s1">It also highlights; the stigma, importance of appropriate language and value of reflective practice and self care.  </span></p>

RTS – Emergency Services – Yorkshire Ambulance – March 2024

<p>"This event provides time and space to both listen and learn but also to reflect. As a paramedic who has attended deaths by suicide and experienced the loss of colleagues taking their own lives I cannot understate the importance of understanding the impacts on families, friends and even distant acquaintances. To have the honour of learning from people with lived experience is inspirational and will leave a lasting impression on your teams."</p>

PABBS – In House Training – Newcastle University – April 2024

<p>The PABBS training was engaging, insightful and challenging in all of the right ways. It not only educated but encouraged each trainee to look inwardly and assess their own practice, unconscious bias, self-care and self-worth. The day felt more like a university seminar than a training session – discussion was encouraged and scaffolded at every point. The training was delivered confidently by experts in the field who themselves were engaging and managed to deliver a session around incredibly serious and heavy content in a way which was still fun and enjoyable as well as informative. Each trainee went away with a practical change/improvement they planned to make to their practice. I can’t recommend this training highly enough.</p>

PABBS In-House Training – Newcastle University – April 2024

<p>‘<em>In 34 years of policing I have personally dealt with 33 suicides in one form or another.  I feel that the input given by PABBS was not only enlightening and educational, but also a ‘lightbulb’ moment for me, having being affected professionally and personal by suicide.  I can say hand on heart it was the best training package I have received in my career’  </em></p>

RTS – Emergency Services – Durham – Nov 29th 2023

<p>This training has value in better understanding and guiding a caring response to those bereaved by suicide.  It’s an issue colleagues not only encounter in operational roles, but also within the communities we live, and the organisations in which we work – so the impact that sensitive , compassionate and supportive response can make is immense. Knowledgeable trainers, engaging delivery.  I attended a multi-agency training event which helped maximise sharing of local knowledge and collective understanding which was an added bonus.</p>

PABBS In-House Training – Pennine Care – Oldham – November 2023

<p>I recently attended the PABBS training in Oldham for Pennine NHS Foundation Trust.</p> <p>As a Church of England Chaplain, I thought I was prepared and thought I had some knowledge about dealing with ‘bereaved after suicide.’ This course just re-iterated what a very complex situation this is. It has offered me time to think about how I can change my attitude and skills in dealing with this very sensitive time. I wish I had some of this valuable information before I had to support two families who had lost children to suicide. I cannot recommend the course enough, the trainers and the course content are excellent….Hopefully this situation wont be a common occurrence but if it happens again I feel so much more equipped to support family friends and colleaugues and of course to look after myself.</p>

OTG – Post Traumatic Growth – October 23rd 2023

<p><strong>The course was re-affirming to me both personally and professionally. We can feel at a loss to respond with enough insight to those bereaved by such life changing events but being able to bring our thoughts to the course and to discuss the sensitivity of these matters with experts was hugely helpful. It made me feel very reassured. </strong><strong>It was a hugely beneficial and insightful course.</strong></p>

RTS – Emergency Services – Carlisle – Oct 11th 2023

<p>I found this course very insightful and educational, it has left me with a greater awareness around the topic especially when talking about suicide or attending these types of incidents.  I think the course is of greatest benefit when it’s a group of different agencies.  Very worthwhile attending for anyone who may respond to suicide incidents.</p>

RTS Emergency Services – Hartlepool – October 4th 2023

<p>As an operational Watch manager at Thornaby fire station which specialises in water rescue for the Brigade area, we deal with many incidents involving suicide or attempted suicide. We tend to deal with such incidents in a professional manner similar to the way we deal with all our incidents by trying to ensure the safety of our crews whilst hopefully saving life as we often do. We perhaps sometimes don't give enough thought to the individual or their families or the impact we as professionals can have in those initial moments. The RTS training was presented brilliantly in a way that captivated all that attended and in future as incident commander I will be more aware and hopefully be able to give extra support to those affected including my own crews.</p>

RTS Emergency Services – Hartlepool October 4th 2023

<p>Excellent course for anyone who manages people in the emergency services. Gave me more of an insight of the role we play been the first on scene at a suicide incident. It made me realise the impact that we can have on people at there worst times. Really informative and well presented for a difficult subject and valuable discussion have been raised by the issues of mental health in our service.</p>

RTS – Emergency Services – Yorkshire Ambulance – Sept 7th 2023

<p>As a Paramedic of 18 years, I have often attended those who have died by suicide, and always felt out of my depth when speaking to families or friends around the patient, what do you actually say to someone who's loved one you cannot help.  Hearing the lived experience of Angela opened my eyes as to how the small gestures matter, how the blanket around a shoulder, a separate space or even just a shoulder to lean on is important.  It is invaluable training for anyone who will come into contact with the relatives of those who have died by suicide, to better understand how the things we say and how we act may have an impact on the family for may years to come.  </p> <p> </p>

PABBS – London – July 18th 2023

<p>Given the impact on suicide for those left behind the course was delivered with such sensitivity and thought provoking too.  It was really good to get a feel of what people experience and that we are not alone in the various amount of feelings when a loved one takes their own life. The statistics are difficult especially around those who are at risk of taking/attempt to take their own life and consideration has to be given to the people who did not know the person either. The course will help me when we look at challenges others are going through when they come to use our services that we look to open the forum not just to family but to friends and others who have been impacted by a person who has taken their own life. If we can look to align all services I am really hopeful that one day suicide won’t be as prevalent as it is today. </p>