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PABBS training – Manchester – September 2020

The PABBS Suicide Bereavement Training  was really informative and very useful for working practice. The facilitators were friendly, approachable and knowledgeable and it was a comprehensive and very engaging. It was the first in-person training post-COVID and I...

PABBS Training – Manchester – September 2020

Huge thank you to Barry McGale, Dr Sharon McDonnell, Suicide Bereavement UK & Angela Samata for delivering such a fantastic course, can highly recommend – it will certainly help me to help my clients to build resilience and instill hope.

PABBS training – Manchester – March 2020

“I attended this training with a degree of apprehension. Having been a first responder to suicide and a bereaved parent I was acutely aware of the challenges involved in bringing people together to openly discuss an emotive and often taboo subject. I needn’t have...

PABBS training – Manchester – March 2020

An extremely informative day which gave me a better insight into how many people are affected in a case of death by suicide and in how to deal with them. It will certainly assist in my work as a celebrant taking funerals and know how to work more closely and...

PABBS in-house training – SW London – March 2020

“Excellent workshop-style training sessions with value to a whole range of professions. Evidence-based teaching with a host of practical applications and delivered in a sensitive but engaging tone. Can’t fault it.”