PABBS Training - July 2019

I attended the training on July 9th 2019.  It was the first training in postvention that I have received and found the day extremely useful. The aims and objectives of PABBS training were set out in a clear and logical manner and the workbook was excellent. I liked the use of videos using people bereaved by suicide and GPs.  The tasks were very good and I especially liked the section on Building Resilience and Instilling hope. The presenters were very experienced and approachable. I liked the fact that there was a small number of people receiving the training at one time; this encouraged meaningful discussion and engagement. I highly recommend this training. I am a clinical lead in a Liaison team in a general hospital, working with people who have presented to the hospital following acts of self-harm or suicide attempts. Some of these people have been bereaved by suicide and there has been a lack of training and resources on how best to support people in this situation; PABBS is excellent and I would highly recommend this.
Angela Richardson, Specialist Clinical Lead – Liaison Team, Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

PABBS in-house training - July 2019

'I recently attended a PABBS training event led by Dr Sharon McDonnell. The group which she led was composed of professionals from a wide range of services but her delivery was pertinent to all. Succinct, personable, knowledgeable and empathic she showed a genuine interest  in all participants showing an easy manner engaging individuals fully with a potentially challenging subject. Although experienced in working with survivors of suicide I gained further insights into my own competences and made valuable contacts within the group.'

Peter Giles - Volunteer for Barnsley Bereavement Support Services and Suicide Liaison Worker for AMPARO

PABBS Training - July 2019

“A comprehensive and very helpful course for all individuals involved in any aspect of postvention work, and irrespective of your knowledge and experience it will provide you with nuances and insights that are most rewarding”.
Professor Zaffer Iqbal, DClinPsy PhD CPsychol AFBPsS, Clinical Director – Psychological Services, NAViGO Health and Social Care CIC

PABBS in-house training - July 2019

A fantastic course, excellent presentations , high quality handouts and great facilitators for discussions. The course also enable local networking and sharing of different practices between surgeries. The personal experience of people who have been affected by suicide was very thought provoking. Important points raised and possible changes to practice policy are due to be discussed at our next GP meeting. We have now made a comprehensive list of local and national help available for patients.
Petra Holmes, GP, Rotherham

PABBS in-house training - June 2019

Training highlighted a lot of aspects I was already aware of, however it also gave an insight to perspectives’ of how different family members were expected to behave and why which was very interesting.  Also gave information of sources of help which I have chosen to keep as they may be useful in future.
Sharron Walker, RMBC. Community Facilitator for Adults with learning Disabilities and or Autism.

PABBS Training - July 2019

“I attended the PABBS training on 10th July 2019 and it was an extremely worthwhile evidence based course.  All health professionals from all disciplines  should attend this training regardless of if they work in mental health.  The information presented is essential for all who will come into contact with any person bereaved by suicide, and you never know who they will be, as it is far reaching and can touch anyone.  It should be mandatory for all healthcare providers from the Chief Executive down.  The course tutors were very knowledgeable and engaging and conveyed difficult information in professional yet supportive way.  Anyone who is able to influence staff training should make this mandatory.  It should be included in all healthcare programmes across the UK. ”

Dr Lisa Edwards, Lecturer, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford.

PABBS Training - July 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and made me realize that we do not place enough emphasis on the high risk of suicide on the people bereaved by suicide and that we need to ask them the question, despite how hard it may seem.
Michelle Hetherington - Community mental health clinical lead and the main facilitator for STORM.

PABBS in-house training - July 2019

The PABBS suicide bereavement training was very informative and useful. The training was very well facilitated and there was good dialogue and sharing of ideas between organisations.
Anne Hazlehurst, Senior Contract and Service Improvement Officer, NHS Rotherham CCG

PABBS Training - June 2019

The PABBS UK provides informative, interactive, thought provoking training for those working with the suicide bereaved. Evidence based training such as this is imperative for effective postvention.
Fiona Tuomey, Founder, H.U.G.G. (Healing Untold Grief Groups), DUBLIN

PABBS Training - June 2019

I found the training to be informative and insightful, it was effectively delivered by knowledgeable professionals in a safe and supportive environment. In the few weeks since attending I have implemented strategies and signposted numerous clients as a direct result of the training and awareness I gained through attending. An invaluable resource for any frontline Mental Health Worker.
Barry Head, Counselling Senior Practitioner, Tameside Oldham and Glossop Mind

PABBS training - June 2019

"I found the PABBS course both informative and inspiring. I was particularly impressed by the practical guidance given around creating a framework and service-response plan to immediately help those who lose their loved ones to suicide. I wish we had received support from our practice when we lost our son Oliver. Ideally all GPs should have this training.'
Ann Feloy, Founder Olly's Future.'

Tweet - June 19th 2019 about PABBS Training

As a funeral celebrant I put this training at the top of my list. We need to know the facts and how we can walk into the midst of a family in this much pain & understand the language to use. This training should be compulsory It also reminds us all to be mindful
Tracy Ward - @tracyward - Celebrant - Life Coach - Reviewer

PABBS training - June 2019

There are not many trainers who can keep my attention and engagement for a whole day in a subject with which I am familiar but Dr. Sharon Mcdonnell did!  I highly recommend this course to everyone from those with a personal interest through to senior professionals in the field!
Wendy Brook - MHFA workplace associate, Independent trainer, Counsellor, Advocate, Founder Director of Merulae and the UK Maastricht Alternative Approach Centre.

PABBS training - June 2019

I attended the PABBS training which I found useful and inspiring. It was co-facilitated very well, giving different perspectives. The use of video material was very helpful in promoting the message that postvention is suicide prevention. The accompanying materials and resources are great to help take actions forward in my own organisation and to help share key messages with others. Thank you for developing this work in this crucial but previously neglected area.
Marie Armstrong, Nurse Consultant – CAMHS – Self-harm, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

PABBS in-house training - June 2019

I thought the training was really helpful to my role as a Bereavement Specialist Nurse working in an acute Trust that also offers family support in the immediate aftermath of a suicide.  It helped reassure me that the support we do currently offer is the correct approach. I especially liked the personal stories and experiences that the facilitators courageously used to illustrate points and issues that affect these bereaved people. Thank you all once again for this valuable training.
Carole Palmer, Bereavement Specialist Nurse, Furness General Hospital

PABBS training - June 2019

Sharon and the team have put together a fantastic, well-researched, suicide bereavement training programme. It is clear, concise and extremely informative. Anyone and everyone would benefit from taking part and developing their knowledge further on a very tough subject that effects so many people.
Kelly Warner, Suicide Bereavement Support Worker, Six Degrees Social Enterprise

PABBS in-house training - June 2019


I found the training to be incredibly useful & thought-provoking.
Christopher Greaves-Thomas, Specialist Bereavement Health Care Professional, Royal Preston Hospital

PABBS training - June 2019


I attended the recent PABBS training as it is essential to my role as the patient safety lead for our Trust. If providers are committed to enacting the research findings that drove the idea and established this training to support an increased understanding of how suicide affects the bereaved then I would strongly urge you to attend this. It has given me a much richer understanding of how providers need to be more attuned to the needs of the bereaved from both a structural and process point of view but also from a cultural point of view. A change in culture can only occur if Boards, senior managers and clinicians create the conditions within which such a culture can emerge and undertaking the training supports this. From a clinician’s point of view, the PABBS training has also supported our organisation to formulate post-vention standards (e.g. immediate support offered via supervision and/or staff wellbeing, review of caseloads, psychological debriefs for teams) for our staff when they experience the death of a patient with whom they are working.
Matt Walsh, Patient Safety Lead, Pennine Care NHS FT

PABBS Training - May 2019

“I attended the PABBS training in May 2019, the training was extremely informative and the trainers knew their stuff! I immediately felt welcomed and felt I learnt a lot from both the trainers and the group discussions. The training is relevant to my role and reinforced the idea that we are all only human, and what I am doing is right. It is amazing that the training has been developed from research with bereaved families, it reinforces where the message is coming from. Thank you!”
Abby Proctor, If U Care Share Foundation

PABBS training - May 2019

“An interesting, informative training session providing a great opportunity to develop knowledge of working with individuals bereaved by suicide. Trainers are knowledgeable, approachable and empathic providing a safe environment to discuss key issues and learn from other mental health professionals".

Sophie Brown, PhD Student at University of Hull

PABBS Training - May 2019

The PABBS training was a highly informative and valuable experience for me as someone who works with those bereaved by suicide. The day provided me with an understanding of on-going research and development in the field, the chance to network with other professionals as well as those influencing the discourse in this area, but most importantly with vital accounts from those bereaved by suicide about what they need from us as professionals. I would highly recommend PABBS training to people of any discipline who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of suicide and suicide bereavement. Many thanks to the PABBS team.
Beth Byrom, Suicide Bereavement Worker, Six Degrees Social Enterprise

PABBS Training - May 2019

I completed the PABBS Suicide bereavement training in May 2019 and I found this training very informative and a great opportunity to learn about the effects suicide has on individuals and health care professionals.  It is well structured and easy to follow workshop with audio-visuals to open discussion on building resilience and instilling hope.  The trainers are well informed on the topic area and are both very compassionate in their roles.
Danielle Gallagher, Bereaved by Suicide Support Officer, Northern Health and Social Care Trust

PABBS training - May 2019

The PABBS workshop was an opportunity to extend my knowledge and re-enforce my confidence in providing timely support and interventions for my clients who are bereaved by suicide. The facilitators were knowledgeable and shared a wealth of personal evidence to illustrate the support required for those bereaved by suicide. The diversity of the attendees' backgrounds allowed for the sharing of experience, expertise and elements of good practice within a warm and safe env‏ironment.
Diane Finch, Wellbeing Counselling Service Co-ordinator Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Macmillan Wellbeing

PABBS training - May 2019

" This course really refocuses the attention onto those left after someone has taken their life and the skills we can use to support someone through this time"
Stephanie Powell Serious Incident Investigator, 2gether NHS FT

PABBS training - May 2019

So valuable to fly over there to learn from the absolute best trainers and attended the only evidence based training for suicide bereavement. It is not rocket Science, it is about Humans.. that lesson should be learned!
Monique Kammeraat, Nurse, Stichting Levenseinde Kliniek, Switzerland

PABBS training - May 2019

I travelled from Northern Ireland to attend the PABBS training in May 2019.  Being bereaved by suicide myself, I was extremely anxious and unsure of what to expect on the day.  The training was ’first class’, included lots of content and it was delivered in a compassionate and professional manner.  It was a great opportunity to network, but most importantly I came away with key skills and valuable knowledge to be proactive and confident when supporting others who have been affected by suicide. I would highly recommend this training for anyone working within postvention.  In the future, it would be great to have PABBS training being delivered in Northern Ireland.
Debbie McCrellis, founder of the Flowerpot Foundation.

PABBS in-house Training - May 2019

‘This was incredibly valuable training which gave insight into the challenges and needs of those bereaved by suicide and how I as healthcare professional may be able to offer some support’
Kenny Byrne, Inquest Manager, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

PABBS in-house Training - April 2019

This training is a key priority for Primary Care staff, to be able to provide support for the patient with suicidal thoughts and to provide quality care for the bereaved from suicide.

Sue Aitken, Branch Supervisor, Broom Lane Medical Centre, Rotherham

PABBS in-house Training - April 2019

'I attended the PABBS training on the 3rd April 2019. I am an adult social worker/AMHP/BIA working within the recovery team in Rotherham, working with adults of working age who experience severe and enduring mental health difficulties. I found the PABBS training very informative and useful. I will be able to use the knowledge and research obtained throughout the day to enhance my professional practice to be able to more clearly appreciate what is required for people who has lost a loved one to suicide'.
Jill Shakespeare, Social Worker/AMHP/BIA, Adult Mental Health Services, Rotherham

Tweet - April 11th 2019 about PABBS Training

'I shared key take home messages from this brilliant [PABBS] training this week when supporting a staff member who was worried about timing of contact with bereaved family. Timely/compassionate contact with signpost to support always preferred option @SJMcDonn @HPFT_NHS'

Nikki Willmott‏ @MrsW66 - Head of Safer Care and Standards - Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

PABBS Training - Mar 2019

This is essential, powerful and well-structured training which is delivered professionally and with compassion. Highly relevant to anyone working in suicide prevention or a related field, or for anyone who wants to understand more about the impact of suicide on those bereaved. This training shows that by learning how to support and respond effectively to those affected we can help prevent further loss of life.
Stella Comber. CEO at Grassroots Suicide Prevention

Tweet about SBUK's 8th International Conference 2019

Replying to @SJMcDonn @bobthebear17
I found last year's conference both unique and incredibly useful, personally and professionally - I'm anticipating this year's conference will go one better, with the release of the results from the UK Suicide Bereavement Survey - no pressure @SJMcDonn!
Dean Martin - Dean Martin‏ @deano547

PABBS Training - Mar 2019

I’d highly recommend the PABBS training; the trainers were wonderful and the chance to meet others, share experiences and learning was really inspiring. This will be a great support for the postvention services we’re planning to offer in our area!
Lin Harrison, Suicide Prevention Project Manager, West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health Care Partnership.

PABBS Training - Mar 2019

This training is very informative and helps give you the bigger picture when working with others that have been bereaved by suicide. It was real and I feel that people that have not been on it should give it a go as you never know when you will need to put these skills into practice!
Suzy Bamgbose - Irwell Valley Homes

PABBS Training - Feb 2019

I attended the Suicide bereavement training in Manchester on 5th February 2019. I found this training to be very informative, helpful and insightful. It was delivered in a sensitive and considerate manner. Suicide is a very emotive subject and the training has help me in various ways. I work in crisis team, which is directly dealing with young people who are having suicidal thoughts and some attempt suicide. The aim of my role is to prevent young people taking their own lives. Therefore the training has been helpful to me in many ways, for example it covered how important the use of language can be to those who have been affected by someone who is contemplating suicide or the families who have experienced loosing a loved one to suicide.
Kristina Newson - Crisis Team, Young Minds Matter

PABBS Training

Having been bereaved by suicide l know first hand the devastation for families left behind. This course will give you a true insight into the impact that suicide can have on families, communities and professionals .  The course leaders showed an obvious knowledge and understanding of the issues. I highly recomend this training If you are wanting to support people in a compassionate way following a bereavement by suicide.
Wendy Morris, Social Worker, Trustee Sunflowers Suicide Support

PABBS Training - Feb 2019

I was most interested in attending some in depth training around Suicide Bereavement.  I attended the PABBS training in February in Manchester and found it to be an excellent eye opener.  Often times we forget about the wider circle of people who are affected by suicide, not just family members. The session proved to be very emotive and I felt the trainers were extremely considerate of this.  The session was delivered in a sensitive manner with very clear and concise handouts and power point presentations. Should this training be available to our Trust again I would certainly recommend this to my other colleagues.
Tracy Townsend - Senior Social Worker employed by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust.

PABBS Training - Feb 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the Suicide Bereavement Training day on 5th February, 2019.  The design of the course and the presentation were excellent, and provided much food for thought! I also felt that the time and space allowed for interaction between presenters and participants was extremely helpful.
Carol Milton, M.A., Director/ Facilitator, HUGG Bereavement Support, Dublin.

PABBS Training - Feb 2019

I found the training extremely valuable and very insightful to suicide bereavement. All of the persons involved with the presentations and discussions were passionate about raising awareness and the obvious need for specialist training in this area.
Julie Keogh, Project Worker, Irwell Valley Homes

PABBS Training - Feb 2019

“If you, or someone you know or someone you work with have been bereaved by suicide or you believe that to be the case, go on this course. You’ll discover connections with others, understanding, knowledge and advice there and confirmation that it’s one of the most catastrophic events that can ever happen.”
Jude Quigley, Approved Mental Health Professional and Social Worker in a CMHT.

PABBS Training - Feb 2019

A well organised, informative course, on such a sensitive subject. Delivered in the most respectable way.
Jeannie Owens - Training Psychotherapist

PABBS in-house Training - Jan 2019

PABBS evidence based suicide bereavement training,  very useful and insightful, delivering a sensitive subject in a much needed “down to earth” but compassionate way. The trainers knew their subject well, and were both friendly and supportive throughout the course.

Keren Firth, Nurse Practitioner, Manorfield Surgery
PABBS Training - November 2018
Well done to Sharon, Angela, Liz and team for a very professional presentation for such a complex, difficult and sometimes unpopular subject. Highly commended.
Terry Connolly, Friends of Suicide Loss (F O S L) Dublin

Tweet about SBUK's 7th International Conference 2018

An excellent conference, looking forward to the next one already. Thought provoking, inspiring, humbling and enjoyable all in one day.

Jordan Tyms CIHCM‏ @altyjord, Housing Professional, Proud member of Fans for Diversity Guidance Group
PABBS Training - November 2018
“I found the training to be extremely valuable to my practice.  It gave me an insight in how to work with families in a caring and compassionate way. It help me recognise that as a professional I tended to keep a professional/corporate image, when in fact all that is needed is a listening ear and compassionate.  I found the course to provide theoretical and practical advice. I left the course feeling motivated, not only for my own practice, but to influence change within my organisation”
Thank you again for such as fantastic course
Jill Archibald - Acute Network Manager & STORM facilitor

PABBS Training - November 2018

'Thank you for providing such excellent and engaging training on suicide bereavement. Sharon, Angela and Liz were knowledgeable, approachable and passionate about the subject and helped me to build my confidence in supporting those who have been bereaved by suicide. The training has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and enabled me provide a higher standard of pastoral care'.

Joe Taylor, Student Support Officer, BIMM Manchester

House of Commons -2013

'The Trust has a Suicide Liaison Officer, Barry McGale, who does not just work well locally, but is globally active and is part of progressive policy-pushing network on the subject. When people spoke about the Derry model, part of what they meant was that suicide liaison service.'

Mark Durkan, SDLP, (Hansard, 2013)

PABBS Training - September 2018

'For anyone who encounters or supports people affected by suicide, the PABBS training is a must. A loss by suicide is such a complex grieving process and therefore warrants specialised training. I came away with a much richer understanding of how to help those impacted by suicide - from family members to clinicians - thanks to the engaging and well researched training provided by Dr. Sharon McDonnell and her team'.

Halani Foulsham - Trustee for Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide Author of the After Journal: a suicide bereavement writing journal

Public Health England
We are pleased to let you know that 'Support after Suicide: A guide to providing local services' is now available on the Public Health England website . Guidance on 'Developing and delivering local suicide postvention support' and 'Evaluating local suicide postvention support' is also available on the NSPA website. Public Health England and the National Suicide Prevention Alliance would like to thank you for your impressive support in helping create them. We know a phenomenal amount of work has gone in to developing these and your expertise has been greatly appreciated throughout this process. Download a copy of the letter here

Public Health England

PABBS Training - July 2018

'I found the training to be helpful to increase my overall knowledge of how professionals and parents, who have lost someone to suicide, may feel and what may be helpful to them in terms of support they receive, and how best to respond to them.   I particularly enjoyed the area of the training associated with building resilience and hope, and very much plan to implement much of this into a new service we will be developing to support those bereaved by suicide. The focus of the training was a little too biased towards health professionals and parents, which although helpful, did not meet all my training needs.  Nevertheless, the training was excellent overall and very informative and the trainers were lovely and knowledgeable'.

Israa Faraj - Team Lead Community Based Services for a leading local mental health charity

House of Commons - Thursday 23 November 2017

'One of the most vulnerable communities are those bereaved by suicide. Dr Sharon McDonnell, Director of Suicide Bereavement UK at the University of Manchester and Support After Suicide Partnership are carrying out research into the services available for those bereaved by suicide to prevent future deaths. I’m sending out details for surgeries of honourable members, but could we have a debate on suicide bereavement and its impact on families and friends, but also, will the leader of the house support me in encouraging members to circulate the survey to their constituencies.'

Madeleine Moon MP (Hansard 2017)

PABBS Training - October 2018

'I got a great deal from the day and in fact because it gave me more confidence with talking to those affected by suicide it has opened doors to conversations with people who have or are having suicidal thoughts. I think it's that confidence they sense that allows people to open up and talk about their thoughts where before they couldn't. I found the day to be engaging and interactive especially because such a wide range of professionals attended and indeed people who have directly lost loved ones through suicide. It is certainly helping me greatly with suicide Bereavement within my profession as a Funeral Celebrant.  Funeral directors are always a bit weary of getting the funeral right as the bereavement  is complex and needs specialist training to help the bereaved through what is an unimaginable time of their lives. Wonderful work and essential for anyone working in and around those touched by suicide'.

Mike Norbury Funeral Celebrant

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'I would like to thank you and your team for providing such high  quality comprehensive training in Manchester on the 21st February  2018. I enjoyed it and learnt so much, it also reassured me that the postvention service we at Lifecraft have recently established in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is appropriate, flexible and responsive.  I have also picked up some really good resources and  ideas for the service. [...] I wish you all the best with your work and look forward to training with your organisation again in the future.'

Fiona Breaker-Rolfe, employed by Lifecraft (2018)

Tweet by Salli Midgley - 2017

'Presenting our draft suicide prevention plan at Trust Board tomorrow, pleased to be promoting @Connectwpeople training and @SJMcDonn PABBS.'

Salli Midgley (@SalliMidgley) Assistant Director of Nursing, Humber NHS Foundation Trust

PABBS Training - October 2018 - Tweet

'Our staff @PennineCareNHS really valued this training and would strongly recommend it'.

Mathew Walsh - @Matthew72239201 - Pennine Care

PABBS Training - October 2018

'Thank you to Dr. Sharon McDonnell and her lovely team for all their knowledge and  for Individuals impacted by suicide.The PABBS training I found very helpful for anyone working with or supporting people affected by suicide.The course re- assured me that our Support service at If U Care Share Foundation is invaluable to support Survivors of suicide'.

Karen Potts – Suicide Support Lead [Durham] – if U Care Share Foundation

PABBS in-house training - Gloucester - February 2018

'The PABBS training course I attended in Gloucester in February, was very insightful. I was left thinking about my own attitudes to suicide as well as the fear and anxiety about death in general. Which has been a positive outcome of the course.
I have not been personally affected by a suicide. Though, I did counsel a client whose best friend killed himself. He was left feeling responsible for his friend's death because he had been too tired to respond to his last phone call on the night he took his own life. I have to admit that I felt poorly equipped in the counselling room. I think I am better prepared now, even after only this one day of training. Many of the course delegates had been affected by suicide bereavement. I was touched by the quiet humility of others as they shared their stories. Until attending the training day, I had not fully appreciated the need to speak freely about a bereavement through suicide. Nor had I recognised how isolating a person can feel through experiencing a bereavement this way. Besides the very good audio- visual content which reflected those experiences, the PABBS course offered attendees an open platform to share their feelings of intense shock, disbelief, pain, guilt and sometimes abandonment. Finding some relief perhaps, that they were not alone in their experiences? The course facilitators were excellent and sympathetic to those who wanted to speak, allowing them as much time as they needed. Observing this 'open forum', brought into focus the importance of being able to offer more opportunities for all those bereaved by suicide to be heard if they want to be. A place for them to go where they can speak openly about what they are feeling and thinking.
The PABBS training course taught me that in my counselling role, I have to be willing to BE with a bereaved survivor of suicide. To listen to them and acknowledge their pain. Not by trying to offer them answers when there aren't any, nor by attempting to erase their pain but by patiently sharing a dark and lonely place with them. Allowing their grief to be explored for as long as it takes. Death is a pretty taboo subject. Death by suicide even more so. Training courses like PABBS bring the subject out of the closet where it can be aired and thought about. It shouldn't be shamefully packaged and kept under the counter.
Suicide provokes powerful emotional reactions. This was evident throughout the training day. It is an uncomfortable subject but one that is not going to go away. There needs to be more availability of training courses like PABBS to help people like me, find ways to help those left behind after a suicide. They are the ones who need to negotiate a tricky path towards a kind of acceptance that their loved one chose death over life'.

Sarah Ambridge, Staff Counsellor, Gloucestershire Counselling Service

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'I found the PABBS training to be enlightening, thought provoking and moving. This training and suicide bereavement support should be an integral part of suicide prevention. I have already taken some ideas to my workplace to start making changes to the way we support those bereaved by suicide. Thank you'.

Dr Ananta Dave. Consultant Psychiatrist, Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust Suicide prevention lead.

PABBS evidence-based suicide bereavement training – impact on practice
19th November 2018 - 'We have, at last, got our Family Liaison Officer project off the ground – effective from 1 October 2018.  So all of our suspected suicide serious incidents will have one of the staff that your team trained appointed to support the affected family.  As we are running this as a pilot, we have been fortunate to get XXXXX XXXXX, a trainee psychologist at XXXXX University to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot as a consultancy project.  This will aide us greatly as an evaluation exercise to consider the benefits and sustainability of this important work,  and also help XXXXX with her degree – the pilot will run for a year and she will furnish us with a report by February 2020.'

Gordon Benson Assistant Director of Governance & Compliance, 2GETHER NHS Foundation Trust,

PABBS Training - July 2018

'I have worked in excess of 20 years in various clinical roles within mental health services and found the PABBS Evidence Based Suicide Bereavement Training that I attended in July 2018 to be a very valuable experience. It provided new and interesting insight, and also a chance to reflect on past experiences, and will positively influence my future practice. It also helped immensely that the facilitator on our course was a warm and friendly human being, who put everyone at their ease and kindly shared his experiences, giving the learning a tangible link to real life'.

Dallan McGleenan - Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Suicide Bereavement UK’s  International Annual Conference - 2016

'After 20 years 'in the field' this was the first time I got to spend a day with so many fellow suicide postvention experts. The conference empowered me to keep my focus and continue to learn.'

Andrea Walraven-Thissen, Strategic Critical Incident Manager, Germany

PABBS suicide bereavement training - January 2016

'I found the PABBS training compassionate, caring and highly professional. I would strongly recommend it to my medical colleagues. It has been developed jointly with service users, those bereaved by suicide, GPs and Mental Healthcare professionals and this clearly shows in the structure, style and content of training. It has also been thoroughly evaluated and is one of the few evidenced based postvention training that I have come across." I have been around colleagues who have experienced the suicide of a client and one aspect they have all emphasised is their complete lack of knowledge and understanding of what to do after a suicide on all levels.  Attending the PABBS postvention training course has given me the understanding, skills and confidence to care for those bereaved by suicide including myself. Having experienced a recent bereavement by suicide in my personal life, the training and knowledge I have learnt at the conference and the PABBS training has been a real source of comfort, hope and strength with which to look after others and myself.'

Dr Martin Lawlor, Consultant Psychiatrist, State of Mind, Ireland

Suicide Bereavement UK's International Annual Conference - 2016

'I had lost my first patient from suicide in the first year of my appointment to my current Consultant Position in 2006. This was an extremely traumatic experience as it had not been foreseen and traditional risk assessment indicators had categorised the risk as low. In dealing with the subsequent inquiry, I became very depressed. Having been actively involved in suicide /self-harm research, I left this for over 8 years. It was only on attending your conference and subsequent training that I realised that this type of 'disenfranchised grief' did not fit the 'normal' profile of grief and that it was common to experience feelings of inadequacy and loss for many years'.

Dr Martin Lawlor, Consultant Psychiatrist

PABBS suicide bereavement training - January 2017

'This event was very well organised and used a range of excellent training materials relevant to general practice. The training challenged me to think carefully about how to deal with suicide and its after effects, but was also a very supportive environment. I learned a great deal from the materials and from talking to colleagues from a range of clinical backgrounds.'

Dr John Smyth, GP, General Medical Council

PABBS Training - October 2018

‘A powerful, informative training, with a thought provoking, high impact content and brilliant resources to use as reference material, to support professionals working with those bereaved by suicide.’

Chris Rudkin, Bereavement Support Practitioner, Child Bereavement UK

Tweet about PABBS suicide bereavement training - January 2017

'This is fantastic training. I was so lucky to be in one of the pilot groups. Such essential evidence-based training. Please consider attending.'

Tweet about PABBS suicide bereavement training - January 2017

PABBS suicide bereavement training - April 2018

"The PABBS Evidence-based Suicide Bereavement Training was really informative and I learnt so much from the day, which was very well structured,  with the right mix of presentations, discussion and above all, the opportunity to listen to those bereaved by suicide about what had helped them.   Having been apprehensive about attending as a non-practitioner, I am so glad I went as this is everyone's business.   I am looking forward to using what I learnt to push for better support for those bereaved by suicide in the Assembly." 

Lynne Neagle AM (Welsh Assembly Member for Torfaen).

PABBS Training - October 2018

'For such a ‘difficult’ subject this was an excellent day; very informative. It both reinforced my prior knowledge and provided new insights into the bereavement needs of those affected by suicide'.

Erin Bolton, Bereavement Care Co-ordinator, East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.
PABBS Training - October 2018
'Thank you so much to Sharon McDonnell and her team for all of their hard work in ensuring appropriate knowledge and support is out there for people touched by Suicide. The PABBS training is extremely valuable not just for professionals but for anyone, as we are all in some way, able to support people affected or bereaved by Suicide. Thank you to Barry & Angela for delivering the training to such a high quality and for sharing their own experiences. The course enabled me to be reassured that our support at If U Care Share Foundation is appropriate and timely and how best to support someone to find hope in life after suicide'.
Hannah Neil - Support Manager - If U Care Share Foundation

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'It was a great pleasure to meet you and the Facilitators on what was an extremely worthwhile and beneficial course

I know that that I will be able to use much of the material as I spend time with Families affected by suicide. Thank you so much'.

Paul Bowen MICF Funeral Celebrant

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'I found the Postvention: Assisting those Bereaved By Suicide training particularly beneficial as I currently deliver training to community gatekeepers around suicide prevention strategies.  The PABBS training, backed by thorough research, has ensured that I fully understand the impact on all of those bereaved by suicide and how best to support them including where to access appropriate resources.  I intend to keep all of our community gatekeepers in a network so that if they find themselves bereaved by suicide in a personal or professional capacity they can immediately access the support that they will need.'

Wendy Kay - Policy & Research Officer Healthwatch Wirral

PABBS suicide bereavement training - June 2018

‘Sorry we haven't posted for a few days, we've been spending time refreshing our skills. On Monday, we made a visit to Manchester to take the excellent, evidence-based suicide bereavement training Suicide Bereavement UK have put together. The training is so thorough and practical, you can tell it has been well thought out and is backed up by extensive research. The training has been informed by interviews taken with parents, GP's, mental health professionals and A&E staff involved in suicide bereavement. We recommend anyone working with families and parents who are bereaved would find this course useful. Thank you to the whole team!’

Tiffany Ansari - Grassroots Suicide Prevention

PABBS suicide bereavement training - June 2018
'We want to thank Suicide Bereavement UK for running the PABBS course today - Postvention: Assistaning those Bereaved by Suicide. Provided by incredibly experienced practitioners and researchers, we are now further equipped with the knowledge and skills in helping those who have been bereaved by suicide.
We met some fantastic individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge which only heightened the experience and empowered us further.
Thank you for a great day'.

Sue Stevenson - Joshua’s Light Foundation
PABBS Training - 13th Nov 2018 - Tweet 
'Would recommend this training to organisations who are committed to providing timely and appropriate support to staff and families affected by bereavement by suicide'
Nikki Willmott‏ @MrsW66 - Head of Safer Care and Standards Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'I am a serious incident investigator working in the Patient Safety Team for TEWV mental health Trust. I attended the PABBS training and found it very helpful not only being able to listen to / network with others and learn from their initiatives but also in considering the evidence-based research that was undertaken, it made me think again about how I work / how my organisation works and the processes we have in place for supporting people bereaved by suicide both as staff working with the person as well as their family.

This training has made me realise how important the right support at the right time is and we have instigated a review of our post-vention support with a plan to improve this by building on your work!'
I would highly recommend this training to others

Catherine Lee-Cowan, Serious Incident Investigator – Link for York and Selby

House of Commons - 2012

'I recommend that the Minister read the work of Dr Sharon McDonnell […] She has researched how health professionals […] interact with bereaved families […] I urge the Minister to discuss not only the changes that she has identified as necessary but how we can move forward and ensure that we change families’ experience.'

Madeleine Moon, MP for Bridgend (Hansard, 2012)

House of Commons - 2015

‘We have to look at how we support families, including families of men who die by suicide … How do we support families and communities? For those who wish to understand how we can support those families, I recommend the excellent work of Sharon McDonnell at the University of Manchester.’

Madeleine Moon, MP for Bridgend (Hansard, 2015)

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'I thoroughly enjoyed the Suicide Bereavement Course in Manchester in 2018. It was thought provoking and had a range of professionals in attendance which gave different views to the subject. I came away with skills and strategies that I intend to use in my role in Telford & Wrekin Council as the Safeguarding Children in Education Officer'.

Mark Turner (Safeguarding Children in Education Officer, Telford and Wrekin Council)

PABBS suicide bereavement training - March 2017

'I just wanted to say that until I saw your presentation I was unaware of the lack of training/support that was out there and since seeing you I have now introduced an aspect of suicide bereavement into suicide prevention training in Berkshire.  I am very much looking forward to enhancing this training following attending PABBS on the 13th March. I learnt a lot about myself (personally and professionally) and my own uncomfortable feelings regarding suicide bereavement, since meeting you and attending the conference I realise that the stigma surrounding this particular issue is not just professional but society as a whole. However, through the continued education of services and putting the word out there in the public domain this will positively impact these stigmas.'

Jason Wear, Advanced Mental Health Practitioner, Berkshire Health Foundation Trust

PABBS Training - Sept 2018

'I was very pleased to attend the PABBS training in September 2018. A really stimulating and thought provoking day, assisting me to think about our own service development but also about how we support our workforce in being present for people and families experiencing a death by suicide. A worthwhile investment delivered sensitively and with a great level of enthusiasm for a topic that awakens sadness but in the same breath creates hope for the future'.

Naomi Sutcliffe - South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Suicide Bereavement UK's International Annual Conference - 2016

'As community mental health nurses the suicide of one of our clients is our biggest fear.  However, I was not provided with any education on suicide in my nurse training and continuing professional development training on suicide is very scarce.  As a result I have been running scared for the last twenty years desperately hoping that my practice would prevent my clients from taking their lives.  This is not a healthy way to lead your working life.  Through attending the Suicide conference I discovered a whole new world of training, research findings and hope.  I felt privileged to hear people's experiences and stories as well as leaving with a better understanding of the area of suicide.'

Alex Cotton, community mental health nurse

PABBS Training - September 2018

'I recently attended PABBS training and really found it to be a useful and valuable day. I ended the day feeling more confident and more skilled to assist people who had been bereaved by suicide. The training was delivered by knowledgeable professionals who were passionate about their subject. I learnt more about how postvention skills are also prevention skills. The course included some really practical advice on how to support people bereaved by suicide, and how we need to be alert to the vulnerabilities of bereaved families and friends.  This is essential training for all health care practitioners'.

Helen Lee-Savage- Suicide Prevention Lead- Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Suicide Bereavement UK's International Annual Conference - 2016

'Sharon McDonnell has found her calling. She has inspired us to reflect and connect, when she brought us all together to share and learn in Manchester. After 20 years "in the field" this was the first time I got to spend a day with so many fellow suicide postvention experts. The conference empowered me to keep my focus and continue to learn. All the way from Germany; thank you very much, dear Sharon'.

Andrea Walraven-Thissen, Strategic Critical Incident Manager, expert in Psychotraumatology, based in Germany (working in several countries)

Tweet about PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2017
'Effective and essential training in suicide bereavement - massive skill set gaps in the UK . Highly recommended.'

Tweet about PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2017

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'The course gave a very good overview of what is a difficult subject for many people – informative and thought provoking.  It really was an excellent day (I particularly loved the pace and the opportunity to ask questions). A very valuable day’s training'.

Margo Bennett - Cruse Bereavement Care

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, which gave me new insights and skills for working with people of all ages bereaved by suicide. The course content and materials were very informative, and the trainers brought a wealth of knowledge and experience which they shared in a supportive and interactive environment. It was also a great opportunity to network and learn from other professionals from various backgrounds. I would fully recommend this course to anybody working in or interested in the field of postvention'.

Laura del Carpio (PhD Student, University of Strathclyde)

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'I recently attended the PABBS evidence-based suicide bereavement training which I found to be very informative and thought-provoking. The trainers were compassionate and provided a valuable personal insight into an emotive subject area.  The inclusion of videos within the training materials, provided the opportunity to hear directly from families bereaved by suicide, which was very powerful'.


Rachael Winter, Community Clinical Manager, Northumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'Thank you so much for making this training available, for too long I have felt that I am working in isolation in trying to develop the BSBS.

No pressure, but it would be lovely to have additional training as a step further on!'.

Caroline Holley - CHUMS

PABBS suicide bereavement training - June 2018

'Excellent training, invaluable lived experiences shared, resources were first class, and great to be among such an amazing group of people so passionate and committed to postvention with the aim to preventing future suicides. New professional relationships created with like minded people, brilliant. I cannot recommend this training highly enough'.

Samantha Catt, Volunteer Coordinator for the Coroners Court Support Service.

PABBS suicide bereavement training - February 2018

'Having been bereaved by suicide l know first hand the devastation for families left behind. This course will give you a true insight into the impact that suicide can have on families, communities and professionals .  The course leaders showed an obvious knowledge and understanding of the issues. I highly recomend this training If you are wanting to support people in a compassionate way following a bereavement by suicide'.

Wendy Morris. Social Worker, Trustee Sunflowers Suicide Support

PABBS Training - November 2018 - Tweet

'Thought provoking day attending @SBUK11 PABBS evidence based suicide bereavement training led by the fantastic @Angelasamata and Liz Kool with @SJMcDonn on behalf of @wythenshawe_chg #safeguarding #housing @CIHhousing'.

Jordan Tyms CIHCM‏ @altyjord Nov 6

PABBS In-House suicide bereavement training - Gloucester - February 2018

'We commissioned the Postvention: Assisting those Bereaved By Suicide (PABBS) course to find out how useful it is in increasing understanding across organisations supporting those who have been bereaved by suicide.  The feedback we’ve received (all of which has been positive) has demonstrated that it is very valuable to those who provide that important support to people who have been bereaved'.

Nicky Maunder, Commissioning Officer, Gloucestershire County Council Public Health

PABBS Training - July 2018

'I currently work in the UK and Africa during and after traumatic incidents. To find someone with Dr Sharon McDonnell’s enthusiasm to bring training and research to frontline specialists is truly inspirational.
Sharon brings speakers with innovative, factual and evidence-based experiences, giving practitioners the opportunity to network and build a knowledge bank to enhance our work around the world. This research is key to building a greater knowledge to improve our practice. It was an honour to hear experiences from other practitioners, thank you'.
Margaret Connelly - Major Incident Response Team (MIRT) North Yorkshire & City of York