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As a clinician of 30+ years I have responded to or dealt directly with those bereaved by suicide many many times. It was always the type of call I dreaded because I felt ill equipped to be able to deal with the questions and raw grief that always came from the relatives present or who would arrive on scene. Sorry for your loss seemed so inadequate at these calls and many times I am ashamed to say I had no words and maybe just hugged the relatives. 

This course and especially the delivery of it by Angela Lee and Sharon, has made me stop and think about how to better deal with the scene, improve my communication with the bereaved relatives, and the impact that we as responders have long term with our actions and words on those who have suffered loss by suicide. I would highly recommend this training to all those who respond to death by suicide calls. No matter how much experience you think you have you will learn something new and will be better equipped to respond to those bereaved. 

Bronagh McQuillanRegistered Paramedic and a Registered Nurse.Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS)