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Firstly I just want to say thank you for delivering the training. You are both (Sharon & Angela) very inspirational and my colleagues and I have talked at length about the PABBS training and how we can implement this within our locality. We are taking forward postvention within our suicide and risk mandatory training for all staff and I have shared the “twenty minutes of your life” training link across services as well as the hub of the hope. Sometimes you attend training and have to think about what you can share with your colleagues but I wanted to share everything for today.  This training is something that I think everybody should attend from a personal and professional level and should be shared far and wide. We are hoping to attend further conferences so we can really champion taking this really important work forward. You really have created a few monsters in CNTW which we thank you for.
Pamela MurrayCommunity Modern MatronSunderland & South Tyneside Community ServicesNorth East