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‘My name is Lisa and I took part in the PABBS training on the 3rd May. I have been a mental health professional for over 10 years now, working in adult acute care, and have been in my current role as a Street Triage Clinician for approx. 2 years. Throughout my career and personal life, I have been continuously exposed to people ending their life by suicide and also worked very closely with people who are struggling with bereavement from suicide.

I found the structure of the day very engaging and the resources will certainly be something I will take forward in my role, as signposting to appropriate services is a huge part of what I do now, as effective signposting is crucial.

I found the trainers amazing in their approach from the outset, and they managed to deliver what is a very difficult and emotive subject with passion. They were very open and engaging and supported everyone throughout the day.

I really think this training could make a huge difference in our field and would recommend it to anyone.’

Thank you for putting together such an amazing course with all of those involved

Lisa FurnevalCumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust