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I attended the course with some apprehension, it’s a very relaxed environment and humour and appreciation for one another story is very pertinent to your own understanding of suicide and bereavement. It was also purposeful to connect to others on the course who have a lived experience of suicide that may shape how you deal with or manage future families that you may support in your role or profession. It would be good for me as an NHS professional to understand the journey of grief after suicide and I hope this would be explored further on the day. But appreciating one day is a short window to experience or develop such skills or at least have confidence in your acquisition. The resources that were given were good and already embedded them in my own workstream to support families and shared these amongst other colleagues. How we look after ourselves is very pertinent to our own resilience and something I need to develop-That was one thing I took away as a personal task. 

Les;ey HuttonSenior Clinical Carers LeadLincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust