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I have been involved in social work and education for over 30 years and have attended a great deal of training. This session ranks as one of the best sessions I have had the absolute joy to be present in. From the wonderfully warm and professional facilitators to the robust evidence-based research through to the profound impact it has had on my practice. It is uncommon to meet colleagues who have lived experience of the subject matter. That was the difference between this session and other CPD I have experienced down the years. Unflinching in their handling of this sensitive subject meant there was a professional confidence in the room to hone practice, open up honest conversations with students/clients and help as many people as possible bereaved by suicide; to live, love ,hope, dream and at times simply continue. I can only say thank you for this session and encourage more people to sign up and participate.

Jeff MorganMental Health PractitionerNorthumbria University