Supporting Teams Affected by Suicide

About this Service

Suicide Bereavement UK provides an independent, confidential and bespoke service for teams affected by suicide
(e.g. health professionals, teachers, prison staff, police etc.). It is delivered by two practitioners, who have considerable experience of working in the field of suicide bereavement and trauma.


Suicide and the Impact on Professionals

Professionals responsible for the care of an individual who dies by suicide, can be deeply affected on both a personal and professional level. Many experience similar grief responses similar to the bereaved family, such as guilt, shame, fear of being blamed, anger, intense sadness and feel stigmatised by others. They are often unprepared for the intensity of these emotions and uncertain who they can talk to about their vulnerabilities and perceived needs to cope with such deaths. Despite one of the key areas of action in England’s Suicide Prevention Strategy is to ‘Provide better information and support to those bereaved or affected by suicide,’ little attention is paid to the vulnerability and perceived needs of some professions affected by suicide. 

What are the aims of the session?

To provide group consultations which focus on providing and facilitating an informal, safe and neutral place where the team can come together and focus on the impact the death has had on them as individuals and as a team.

We aim:

  • to explore different layers of impact on the team and to formulate specific actions to help minimise this;
  • to empower teams affected by suicide;
  • to  normalise their grief responses;
  • to explore how the team can support each other and, in particular, the most affected members of the team; and
  • to signpost them to key resources.


Who delivers the group consultations?

Two practitioners, who have considerable experience working in suicide prevention/bereavement and trauma will facilitate the consultations.


Who should attend?

  • Anyone within the team who feels they have been affected by the death
  • Anyone who would like to support their colleagues affected by the death

Group sessions may be offered for a full day, half a day or a couple of hours.

For more information

Contact: Dr. Sharon McDonnell
Tel: 01706 827 359