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Here at Suicide Bereavement UK, we offer a Postvention Assisting Those Bereaved By Suicide one-day training course for all professionals keen to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence for working with those affected by suicide.

The course itself is now CPD-accredited, ensuring that health and care professionals are able to respond to and care for those bereaved or affected after a suicide. Providing postvention support of this kind after suicide is internationally recognised as one of the key aspects of suicide prevention.

PABBS training is currently the only evidence-based and theory driven suicide bereavement training available internationally – and it has just been featured on the WiseGP website, an organisation that aims to promote, advance and sustain the knowledge work of primary healthcare.

Based on our research, WiseGP is now advising healthcare practitioners to ensure they have a protocol that makes sure any suicides are highlighted within their practice to the patient’s usual GP.

In addition, it is advising that a member of the relevant PCN completes suicide bereavement training and shares what they’ve learned with the network.

If you’re interested in bereavement research and want to find out more, get in touch with Suicide Bereavement UK today.


For further information, contact:

Paul Higham

Suicide Bereavement UK

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