Suicide Bereavement Consultancy

Why is suicide bereavement consultancy important?

A key area of action in England's Suicide Prevention Strategy is to 'provide better information and support to those bereaved or affected by suicide, (DH, 2017).   Increasing pressure is being placed on the NHS and Public Health to develop suicide bereavement services locally.  However, evidence suggests most professionals, in the UK, who come into contact with this vulnerable population are often anxious and uncertain how to respond to and care for them.


What types of consultancy does Suicide Bereavement UK provide?

Suicide Bereavement UK provide support and guidance for managers and clinicians who are wanting to:
  • support professional teams who are affected by suicide;
  • respond to and support those bereaved by suicide (e.g. patients, clients, prisoners, students, employees etc);
  • develop sesrvices for those bereaved or affected by suicide; and
  • support and guidance for teams affected by suicide in the workplace.


What experience does Suicide Bereavement UK have in this field?

Suicide Bereavement UK's team have over 60 years of combined experience working within the field of suicide prevention, suicide bereavement and trauma across the lifespan.  Examples of some of thier previous work in this field include:

  • working with children and families, adults and professionals affected by suicide;
  • setting up and delivering the first NHS suicide bereavement service in the UK in 2008; 
  • conducted suicide bereavement research; and
  • develop and deliver evidence-based suicide bereavement training.


Evidence of academic and professional standing


  • Our work in suicide bereavement has also been referred to, in three parliamentary debates (Hansard, 2012, 2013 and 2015)
  • Two members of the team are currently working on the national suicide bereavement research project, which is first of its kind internationally (Dr. McDonnell is leading this research project).
  • Our team are members of several advisory groups which have developed key documents in this field:
  • PHE (2016)  Support After a Suicide: A Guide to Providing Local Services: A Practice Resource.
  • NSPA (2016) Developing and Delivering Local Bereavement Support Services 
  • NSPA (2016) support After Suicide: Evaluating Local Bereavement Services 
  • PHE (2015)  Help is at Hand, Support After Someone May Have Died by Suicide

For more information
Contact: Dr. Sharon McDonnell
Tel: 01706 827 359