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Postvention Resources

Resources For Postvention Service Commissioners and/or Developers

If you are developing or commissioning a postvention service (i.e. care of those bereaved by suicide), you may find the key resources listed below helpful.

Key Resources

Public Health England: Support After a Suicide

This practical guidance helps commissioners understand why and how they can deliver support after suicide (also known as postvention support) in their area.

Download a copy here

Support After Suicide: Developing and Delivering Local Bereavement Support Services

This resource provides an overview of the ten stages of developing, delivering and evaluating a postvention support service, and a suggested pathway of support for people bereaved by suicide.

Download a copy here

Support After a Suicide: Evaluating Local Bereavement Support Services

This resource provides guidance on how to evaluate a suicide bereavement service using a 12-step approach.

Download a copy here

Public Health England: Local Suicide Prevention Planning

This document advises local authorities how to:

  • develop a multi-agency suicide prevention partnership
  • make sense of local and national data
  • develop a suicide prevention strategy and action plan

    Download a copy here

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE): Preventing Suicide in Community and Custodial Settings – Postvention

This is the NICE guideline incorporating recommendations for those bereaved by suicide based on available evidence. Our ‘Postvention Assisting those Bereaved By Suicide (PABBS)’ research article by Foggin and colleagues (2016) informs the evidence-base for the guideline.  Dr Sharon McDonnell, Managing Director of Suicide Bereavement UK, also provided an expert testimony as part of the evidence-base (see page 74 of the guideline).

Download a copy here

Resources for Employers

Business in the Community: Crisis Management in the Event of a Suicide – a Postvention Toolkit for Employers

This resource is designed to guide employers in their response to employees who are bereaved or affected by suicide.

Download a copy here

Resources for Universities

Universities UK and PAPYRUS: Suicide Safer Universities

This guide provides a framework to help understand student suicide, mitigate risk, intervene when students get into difficulties, and respond to these tragic deaths. It sets out the steps universities can take to make their communities suicide-safer.

Download a copy here

Support After Suicide Partnership


The Support After Suicide Partnership website, provides a more comprehensive list of resources, which include best practice guidance and professional support for all those involved in planning and delivering suicide bereavement and liaison services.