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Postvention Prison Training

Launching September 2022


Training for prison staff, providing an opportunity to build confidence and skills on how to respond to and care for prisoners when a suicide occurs within a prison setting.

Author of the training: Dr. Sharon McDonnell, Managing Director of Suicide Bereavement UK and Honorary Research Fellow University of Manchester

Aim of the training: To provide prison staff with an opportunity to build their confidence and skills on how to respond to and care for prisoners when a suicide occurs within a prison establishment.

About Postvention Prison Training: Suicide Bereavement UK are currently developing evidence-based prison suicide bereavement training, which is first of its kind internationally. It will be a highly interactive one day workshop and will include film clips and a workbook. Eighteen people will be able to attend each workshop. Each workshop will be delivered by two trainers who have considerable knowledge and expertise in the field of suicide bereavement.

Target audience: All staff who work in prison establishments

What competencies do attendees gain?

  •  Recognise that supporting prisoners bereaved or affected by suicide is a key component of suicide prevention;
  • Enable prison staff to increase their knowledge, confidence, skills and provide a framework and service-response plan for immediate and ongoing support for prisoners bereaved or affected by suicide; and
  • Encourage prison staff to consider and recognise their own emotional or self-care needs and develop a strategy or support structure that will be available to them if a prisoner dies by suicide

How does Postvention Prison Training help to address England’s suicide prevention strategy? (DH, 2017)

  • Postvention Prison Training informs and guides attendees ‘how to provide better information and support to those bereaved or affected by suicide’ which is a key priority in the strategy (DH, 2017)
  • It specifically focuses on the needs of prisoners, who are recognised ‘high risk’ group in the suicide prevention strategy

When will Postvention Prison Training be available?: September 2022

£299+VAT per attendee

Currently scheduled Postvention Prison Training ONE DAY training dates for individual bookings
September 8th 2022Manchester 
October 13th 2022Manchester 
November 10th 2022Manchester 
December 13th 2022Manchester 

To register contact:

Paul Higham
Tel: 01706 827 359
Mob: 07850 710555
email: paul.higham@suicidebereavementuk.com

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