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Madeleine Moon is a former Member of Parliament for the Bridgend constituency from 2005 to 2019 and former President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly from 2018 to 2019. Madeleine has kindly agreed to be a patron of Suicide Bereavement UK and has considerable knowledge about suicide prevention and postvention. Prior to being elected as MP for Bridgend in 2005 Madeleine worked with mental health issues as a Social Worker in Child and Adult Protection, hospital based Social work, contracting with, then Inspection of, Social Care providers. In 2008 a number of deaths by suicides took place across Bridgend County Borough Council resulting in major press coverage. To understand causes of the deaths Madeleine reached out to academics.  professionals and charities working in the field. In 2009 she founded, with the support of Samaritans, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Suicide and Self Harm Prevention, which she Chaired until losing her seat in 2019.