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Dean was a frontline police officer and first responder for 25 years before joining SBUK. He was the first police constable within his force to be a hostage and crisis negotiator, with extensive experience of attending critical incidents, engaging with people at risk of self-harm and suicide and supporting vulnerable people and their families during their most difficult times. Dean has therefore been personally affected by suicide, not only responding to the families left behind but also supporting people bereaved by the suicide of police colleagues.

Additionally, Dean was the safeguarding and mental health lead for supporting, signposting, and liaising with vulnerable people and those with learning and mental health issues and their support networks. He was educational liaison officer for child sexual exploitation. Within this role he delivered presentations to thousands of young people and shared real-world information across the North East on the risks they may face in relation to child sexual exploitation and the potential harms associated with online activities, county lines abuse and other risk taking behaviours.

He is passionate about the welfare of individuals and building and promoting positive self-care opportunities to improve mental fitness and resilience. He is a qualified Wing Chun Kung Fu coach and in his spare time focuses on fitness and family.


–           Diploma in Policing (2007)

–           National Hostage and crisis negotiator certificate (2017)

–           TRIM Practitioner Course (2019)

–           Wing Chun Kung Fu Coach

–           Youth work certificate (2000)