PABBS Evidence-Based and Evaluated Suicide Bereavement Training

Aim of the training:

To provide professionals with an opportunity to build their confidence and skills on how to respond to and care for those bereaved or affected by suicide.


Training dates:

May 20th                Manchester        CANCELLED - Due to COVID-19
July 14th                Manchester         CANCELLED - Due to COVID-19
Sept 15th               Manchester         LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Nov 17th                Manchester         LIMITED AVAILABILITY


Cost per person: £299 + VAT
Venue: Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann's Square, Manchester, M2 7DH
Time: 09:00 (registration) commences 09.30  - 16.30

PABBS in-house training is delivered upon request. Please contact Paul Higham for more information

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For more information or to register contact: Paul Higham
Tel: 01706 827 359
Mob: 07850 710555

About the research which informed PABBS training:

• PABBS was informed by a  three year study, conducted at the University of Manchester and funded (£243k) by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR);
• Dr. Sharon McDonnell led the research project and the design of PABBS
• PABBS  training is evidence-based, evaluated and first of its kind internationally.

Information about PABBS training:

• one day highly interactive workshop (which includes video clips and 62 manual for future reference);
• delivered by two trainers, who have considerable experience working with those bereaved by suicide;
• there is no role-play during the training; and
• lunch and refreshments are provided.

Three publications associated with PABBS training:


1.    GP's Experiences  - GP’s Experiences Dealing With Parents Bereaved by Suicide
2   Parents Experiences - Parents Bereaved by Suicide Experiences of Support From Primary Care
3.        Evaluations         - Evaluation of PABBS Suicide Bereavement Training 

Our fourth PABBS paper, focuses on ambulance staff perspective of responding to suicide, and will be published later this year. 

Key documents where PABBS training or research are referenced:


  •        NICE, 2018      - publication associated with PABBS study (Foggin, McDonnell et al 2016) is cited as evidence in NICE guidelines.  Dr. Sharon McDonnell also provides an expert testimony, including recommendations in this document (pg 69) (BUTTOM)
  •        PHE , 2016      - PABBS suicide bereavement training is referred to in a document published by Public Health England and NHS Health Education England which lists suicide prevention training (pg 46)

PABBS suicide bereavement training will help to address key objectives in the following key documents:

For more information or to register contact: Paul Higham
Tel: 01706 827 359
Mob: 07850 710555

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