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Open Access Publications

Suicide Bereavement UK is committed to disseminating our research findings as widely as possible.  We therefore strive where possible, to enable our publications to be available to all by making them ‘open access’ rather than retaining them behind a paywall.

These Suicide Bereavement UK research publications are all freely available and are directly associated with the ‘Postvention Assisting those Bereaved By Suicide’ (PABBS) Study:

Open Access GPs Experiences

GP’s Experiences

GP’s experiences of responding to and caring for parents bereaved by suicide

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Open Access Parents Experiences

Parents Experiences

Parents bereaved by suicide experiences and perceived support received from Primary Care

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Open Access Evaluation


An evaluation of PABBS evidence-based suicide bereavement training

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Open Access Ambulance Staff

Ambulance Staff

Ambulance staff experience of responding to a (suspected) suicide and the bereaved family

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