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Posted: October 13th, 2017

Sharon will be presenting  at the Launch of ‘Paul’s Place’ today at Liverpool Athenaeum.  This is a specialist FREE postvention bereavement counselling service, for those bereaved by suicide in Liverpool.

Posted: October 12th, 2017

Sharon appeared on ITV last night to support a new charity in Liverpool called 'Paul's Place' and she will be a key speaker at the launch in Liverpool on Friday 13th October at the Liverpool Athenaeum.

Posted: October 11th, 2017

We are thrilled that Charlotte Starkey has taken the time to write a very positive review about Suicide Bereavement UK's 2017 International Conference in the International Network of Early Career Researchers in Suicide and Self-harm blog.
Please refer to the link below

Posted: October 6th, 2017

Dr Sharon McDonnell will be presenting her research at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference in Gateshead on Friday October 6th 2017.

Posted: September 28th, 2017

The annual international suicide bereavement conference was a great success, thanks to the excellent speakers, delegates and volunteers.

Posted: September 27th, 2017

The annual international suicide bereavement conference is a collaboration between Suicide Bereavement UK and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Posted: September 27th, 2017

Dr Sharon McDonnell (Director of SBUK and Honorary Research Fellow) launched the National Suicide Bereavement Survey at the SBUK's International Conference in Manchester on Septemebr 26th 2017.

Launch of National Suicide Bereavement Survey

Posted: September 26th, 2017

NATIONAL SUICIDE SURVEY LAUNCHED - if you have been affected by suicide, please take part in the survey - go to

Posted: September 8th, 2017

Dr Sharon McDonnell provided expert testimony on suicide bereavement to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) committee on Friday  8th September 2017, which is currently developing guide

Posted: July 6th, 2017

Dr. sharon McDonnell is presenting in Birmingham at a seminar entitled ‘Supporting Suddenly Bereaved Children and Young People’

Posted: March 20th, 2017

Dr. Sharon McDonnell is presenting at Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust conference entitled Suicide Prevention: Safer Mental Health Care.

Posted: March 4th, 2017

Professor David Mosse organises this service held at St Martin-in-the-Field, Trafalgar Square, London, for those bereaved or affected by suicide.

Posted: February 28th, 2017

This event leads the way, as it focuses on the importance of focusing on the mental health of staff working in emergency services.

Posted: February 7th, 2017

The National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA) is an alliance of public, private and voluntary organisations in England who collaborate to help reduce suicide and support those bereaved or affected by suicide.

Posted: January 18th, 2017

Dr. Sharon McDonnell presented her work to health professionals at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust at their Patient Safety Learning Event.