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Suicide Bereavement UK and If U Care Share Foundation collaborate on several suicide bereavement research projects. During these collaborations they use the #myhopeis campaign to engage with the general public, on social media, to help raise awareness of their work.

2018 campaign:
Raise Awareness of the National Suicide Bereavement Survey
Our first #myhopeis campaign was on twitter and helped to raise awareness of the national suicide bereavement survey. Dr. Sharon McDonnell led this study (pro-bono), on behalf of The University of Manchester and Support After Suicide Partnership.

About this campaign

Examples of how the general public engaged in this campaign:

Petes Story


My hope is that the evidence and results of this survey will fight for much needed support for people like you and me.”

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Gemma & Alyss

Gemma and Alys

“...if the worst happens, anyone who is left behind is given the support they need to allow them to move forward.”

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Phils Story


My hope is more men will fill in this survey.”

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