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Latest News

Call Issued For All Work-Related Suicides To Be Investigated

Leading experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the University of Leeds have issued a call for all work-related suicides to be investigated by the Health and Safety Executive following the death of a headteacher from Berkshire. Writing in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), professors Martin McKee and Sarah Waters called […]

The Importance Of Distress Tolerance In Suicide Prevention

Everyone manages perceived or actual emotional stress differently and our ability to navigate our way through certain incidents without feeling overwhelmed is what is known as distress tolerance. We are able to return to a more balanced state in the face of new stressors if we can cope with difficult emotions and feelings, but it […]

Suicide Prevention Tool Launched To Support Australian Farmers

A new grassroots wellbeing and suicide prevention tool has been launched by the University of South Australia to help provide support for farmers around the country, helping them to tackle the struggles associated with living on the land. The Taking Stock online multimedia site is free to use and has been designed specifically with farmers […]

Oral Vitamin D Associated With Suicide/Self-Harm Risk Reduction

A new US-based study has found a link between oral vitamin D supplements and a reduced risk of suicide attempt and intentional self-harm of around 45-48 per cent among veterans in the Department of Veterans Affairs, with supplementation of higher daily dosages associated with even further reductions than lower dose supplementation. Published in the PLOS […]