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Latest News

Teen Suicide Rates ‘On The Rise’

New analysis of Office for National Statistics data has found that suicide rates among 15 to 19-year-olds is climbing, with youth mental health charity YoungMinds now calling for urgent government support to address this growing crisis. It was found that suicide rates among this demographic rose by 35 per cent between 2020 and 2021. Last […]

What Is The Papageno Effect?

In The Magic Flute, one of Mozart’s most well-known operas from the 18th century, main protagonist Papageno finds himself considering suicide as a way out of the pain he’s feeling following the loss of his one true love. However, before he can act on his impulse, three other characters come to him to show him […]

How Handwritten Letters Could Impact Suicide Rates

It can be difficult to address the challenges presented by suicide prevention as suicide itself is such a massively complex issue and one that is unique to the individual. Although help can be delivered when people are at particular points of crisis, it can be harder to ensure their protection in the days and weeks […]

World Suicide Prevention Day: September 10th

This year’s World Suicide Prevention Day is fast approaching, taking place each year on September 10th, providing the opportunity for people, businesses and organisations of all kinds to raise awareness of both suicide and suicide prevention. The theme this year is Creating Hope Through Action, highlighting efforts that are being taken around the world on […]

Study Highlights Need For Multidisciplinary Approach In Suicide Postvention

A new study conducted by the University of Manchester, in collaboration with Support After Suicide Partnership has highlighted the need for a multidisciplinary approach in suicide postvention and proactive outreach to support those bereaved. While it is acknowledged that those bereaved by suicide are at a high risk of adverse health outcomes and suicidal behaviours […]

New Therapy Treatment Trial To Prevent Prisoner Suicide

A new study is being launched in the UK to study the effects of cognitive behavioural suicide prevention therapy within prisons, as part of a collaboration between the University of Manchester, the University of York, King’s College London and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. In prisons across England and Wales, suicide is the […]

What Is The Werther Effect?

A well-documented phenomenon around the world, the Werther Effect refers to the identified rise in sucide rates following well-publicised reports of deaths by suicide of celebrities or other well-known figures in the media. The term was coined following the publication of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, which tells the story […]

Spotlight Shone On Seafarers & Suicide

A new report into mental health and seafarer suicide in the maritime industry has found that despite evidence showing that the issue is a serious one, there has never been an agreed international framework for recording suicides at sea, which has resulted in many believing that suicides remain underreported. Conducted by the Department for Transport […]

Link Made Between Severe Health Conditions & Suicide

The latest release from the Office for National Statistics relating to the 2011 Census and Hospital Episode Statistics has revealed that suicide rates among those diagnosed with severe health conditions elevated. The health conditions covered by the statistics are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, low survival cancer and chronic ischemic heart conditions. These illnesses were selected […]

Upward Trend Identified In Suicidal Thoughts Among LGBTQ+ Youth

An upward trend in suicidal thoughts among LGBTQ+ youth in the US has been identified in this year’s Trevor Project National Survey, including almost 34,000 participants aged between 13 and 24. It was found that almost 45 per cent of those asked said they had seriously considered attempting suicide in the last 12 months. Almost […]

New Study To Identify Support For Armed Forces Suicide Bereavement

A new study is being conducted by Suicide Bereavement UK and SSAFA, The Armed Forces Charity, to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of relatives, friends and colleagues of Armed Forces personnel, who have been bereaved by suicide, building on and learning from what is already in place in a civilian and Armed Forces […]

Call Issued For ‘Overhaul’ Of Suicide Assessments

A father has issued a call for an “urgent overhaul” of suicide assessments and risk factors after his son went on to die by suicide after being judged as low risk by a psychotherapist. Philip Pirie asserted that his son Tom’s assessment had been based on inadequate questionnaires, documentation that is still being used despite […]