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Investing in People, Research and Lived Experience

“Actions speak louder than words”
Abraham Lincoln (1856)

Investing in

Investing In People

Investing in

Investing In Research

Investing in
Lived Experience

Investing In Lived Experience

Suicide Bereavement UK’s aim is to improve the care of those bereaved or affected by suicide and to help reduce the stigma that surrounds suicide bereavement. This is achieved by conducting research, educating professionals and informing policy and practice.

Suicide Bereavement UK (SBUK) values and embraces working with those with lived experience. This is reflected in all aspects of our work.

  • investing in and conducting suicide bereavement research
  • developing and delivering our evidence-based training
  • hosting an annual international suicide bereavement conference, where we bring those bereaved by suicide, those responsible for our care, academics and policy makers together in a spirit of collaboration.

We are very proud of what we are collectively achieving together – please follow the links above for examples.