Impact of Suicide in the UK Study

The Support After Suicide Partnership

Suicide bereavement is a major mental health problem.  Those bereaved or affected by suicide always outnumber the deceased and are also at increased risk of suicide.  Despite this little is known about the impact of suicide in the UK and how to best support the bereaved. Dr. Sharon McDonnell is leading a national online suicide bereavement survey on behalf of Support After Suicide Partnership.  This study aims to identify the impact suicide has had upon an individual and the wider community in the UK by asking those bereaved or affected by suicide to complete an online survey.  The research is supported by  Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and the Centre for Mental Health and Safety, based at the University of Manchester.  

The research team have completed the pilot phase of the study.  The main study will commence June 2017

For more information about the study and the research team:

If you wish to be informed when the online survey is launched please contact Suicide Bereavement UK