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A new suicide prevention net at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has now been completed, with crews working to finish installing the stainless steel barriers on both sides before the promised deadline of 2024.

According to the Guardian, the project was first approved almost ten years ago, with work starting back in 2018. Various construction delays hindered progress, however, while the project was also met with resistance from some quarters that didn’t want to see the landmark altered, or that considered the installation to be too expensive.

The Bridge Rail Foundation, set up in 2006, initially advocated for the bridge’s railings to be raised, but the proposals were opposed because doing so would have blocked the views of the bay. This then led to them suggesting that a suicide net be installed, following the success of similar projects in Switzerland.

The nets have been placed six metres down from the bridge of the deck and are not visible to cars crossing over, although they can be seen by pedestrians. The nets themselves have been constructed with marine-grade stainless steel to ensure they are able to bear up against the elements, including strong winds, fog and saltwater.

The idea is that the nets will serve as a deterrent and help reduce the number of deaths.

Paolo Cosulich-Schwartz – public affairs director for the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District, which is responsible for the structure – observed that the barriers are working as intended. As the project came to an end last year, the number of suicide attempts dropped by over half.

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