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Educational Materials

Educational Materials and Resources For Anyone With a Personal or Professional Interest in Suicide Bereavement Support

Suicide Bereavement UK Training

Suicide Bereavement UK’s Training Programmes

Suicide Bereavement UK has developed evidence-based training programmes (i.e. based on extensive research) which are being delivered to a wide range of professionals across the country. The training programmes are first of their kind internationally. Information about each training programme is noted below.

Postvention Assisting those Bereaved by Suicide (PABBS) training

PABBS training aims to increase the knowledge, skills and confidence of health and care professionals so that they can appropriately respond to and care for those bereaved or affected by suicide.  It is delivered on a regular basis throughout the UK.

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Prison Postvention (PP) training

PP Training has been designed for prison staff (i.e. prison officers and health care staff) and informed by ex-prisoners who were in prison when a suicide occurred. This training will help increase prison staff knowledge, skills and confidence in how to respond to and care for prisoners when a suicide occurs within a prison setting. This training will be available from Spring 2021.

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Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Training

Public Health England (PHE) and NHS Health Education England (HEE) provide details of suicide prevention training programmes in England including the ‘Postvention Assisting those Bereaved by Suicide (PABBS)’ training  which was developed by Dr Sharon McDonnell and her research team and is being delivered by Suicide Bereavement UK (see page 46).

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Zero Suicide Alliance Free Online Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide – Lets Talk – Young People & Students

Zero Suicide: Suicide Prevention Training associated with Young People/Students

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Zero Suicide Alliance Free Online Suicide Prevention Training

People bereaved by suicide understandably struggle to cope, and as a direct result some feel suicidal.  Many bereaved families worry that  another ‘significant other’ might also die by suicide, but are often too frightened to verbalise this to the person they are concerned about.  Equally, the bereaved person in crisis, can often be anxious about disclosing this to their family, as they are already grieving the loss of a family member to suicide. This free online suicide prevention training by Zero Suicide Alliance provides guidance on how to ask this difficult question and how to respond. This training is relevant to everyone, including those bereaved by suicide and professionals.

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Suicide Bereavement Report

From Grief to Hope

This report is an essential read for professionals who come into contact with those bereaved or affected by suicide, including government departments, commissioners and those developing postvention services.

Dr. Sharon McDonnell (Managing Director of Suicide Bereavement UK and Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester) led the national suicide bereavement study, which was a collaboration between the University of Manchester and Support After Suicide Partnership.   Over 7,000 people bereaved or affected by suicide in the UK, completed a 72 question survey, reporting their experiences and perceived needs associated with  such deaths, making it the largest suicide bereavement survey internationally.   Findings are of national and international importance.

You can read or download the report HERE 

Documentaries and Film Clips About Suicide Bereavement

The following documentaries are relevant to those bereaved by suicide and professionals who want to learn about the difficulties those bereaved by suicide face.

Life After Suicide, BBC Documentary, March 2015

Angela Samata talks about losing her partner to suicide and the impact it has had on her family. She also interviews others bereaved by suicide to highlight the difficulties people face when bereaved by suicide and to help reduce the stigma that surrounds suicide. In 2016 Angela was a BAFTA nominee (Best Single Documentary category) for this documentary.


Professor Green: Suicide and Me, BBC Documentary, 2015

Rapper Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson, talks, in a BBC documentary, about losing his father to suicide.



This website is an audio-visual resource which provides short film clips of people bereaved by suicide talking about their experiences (e.g. their feelings, the funeral, the inquest).


Podcast interviews

Dr Sharon McDonnell has talked about her research in several podcast interviews.

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The National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health

National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health

This website is a valuable resource for those interested in the research conducted by the National Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Safety in Mental Health at the University of Manchester. This research influences UK policy and practice.  The website also provides access to key resources.


Important Publications