Dr. Sharon McDonnell Presents at the launch of ‘Pauls Place’

Sharon will be presenting  at the Launch of ‘Paul’s Place’ today at Liverpool Athenaeum.  This is a specialist FREE postvention bereavement counselling service, for those bereaved by suicide in Liverpool.  This service has been set up by Agnes and Joe Williams in memory of their son who died by suicide in August 2015.  This much needed postvention counselling service  is led by  Kathy Devlin, who is the Clinical Manager at Beacon Counselling.  Kathy’s brother was also called Paul and died by suicide in September 1992.

Sharon will be presenting pilot findings from the national suicide bereavement survey, which is a collaboration between the University of Manchester and Support After Suicide Partnership.

To access this service please ring: 0151 226 0696

Or email: paulsplace@beaconcounsellingtrust.co.uk