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Crisis Consultation after Suicide

Suicide Bereavement UK provides a confidential, bespoke crisis consultation and suicide bereavement service to organisations affected by suicide.
Whether your company is small or large, being confronted with a colleague’s suicide is a ‘critical incident’. With over thirty years of combined experience in crisis response and suicide bereavement, we can help your organisation to navigate the turbulent aftermath of suicide in the workplace. Our skilled professionals will support you to mitigate the impact of a suicide on your business.

Suicide and its impact in the workplace

Approximately 6000 people die by suicide in the UK annually. A suicide has the capacity to de-stabilise the most successful organisations/teams, and in the immediate aftermath, organisations often feel ill-equipped and uncertain how to respond. Similar to any ‘critical incident’, a key priority for any company is to contain the crisis, stabilise the workplace and reduce the impact of suicide on the business.

Mental wellbeing in the workplace and employee safeguarding is a key priority for most companies. What companies may not know is that those affected by suicide are significantly at risk of dying by suicide themselves. Thus, a key aspect of suicide prevention in the workplace is ‘postvention’ or providing support to those who have been bereaved/affected by suicide as an integral part of a positive and proactive approach to mental health at work.

Why is it important to support your workforce after a suicide?

Knowing how severe the impact of suicide loss can be at every level of an organisation, we focus on the ‘human’ aspect of business continuity. A timely, proactive, supportive and compassionate response to suicide bereavement within the workplace will reassure employees that leaders value and care for their staff, help build trust and maximise human resource continuity.

Our Business Crisis Consultation

  • Offers immediate support and advice after suicide
  • Is strictly confidential
  • Will be customised to your company’s needs
  • Will give you perspective and clear expectations within the first contact
  • Can be offered on site, via telephone, skype, email or other medium
  • Is flexible and tailored e.g. one-to-one support and team/group meetings
  • Will be informed by research in this field.

For more information contact:

Dr. Sharon McDonnell
Tel: 01706 827 359
email: crisissupport@suicidebereavementuk.com



Business in the Community (BITC), in collaboration with The Prince’s Responsible Network, published a groundbreaking document, which guides employers how to care for their workforce, if they are affected and/or impacted by a suicide (BITC, 2016).