Corporate Crisis Consultation After Suicide

We provide a bespoke service to all levels of an organisation affected by suicide.

Whether you are representing a small or large company, being confronted with a colleague’s suicide is a critical incident. With over thirty years of combined experience we can come alongside and help you navigate the storm suicide causes. Just like a maritime pilot we will assist you while sailing congested waters, but we will not take over. Experience has taught us how to support you, in a strictly confidential and professional way.

Our Corporate Crisis Consultation


  • offers immediate support and advice after suicide
  • is strictly confidential
  • will be customised to your needs
  • will give you perspective and clear expectations within the first contact
  • can be offered via telephone, skype, email or on site etc
  • is flexible and can consist of one-to-one support and team/group meetings
  • directly implements the latest suicide postvention science and experience.


                     “I thought I could describe a state; make a map of sorrow.
                      Sorrow, however, turns out to be not a state but a process”.
                                                                             C.S Lewis

About Our Service

In the immediate aftermath of a suicide, organisations often feel ill equipped and uncertain how to respond, and often, it has the capacity to destabilise the most successful organisations/teams.  Similar to any critical incident, a key priority, for any company is to try and contain the crisis, stabilise the workplace, to mitigate the impact of suicide on the business.

Mental wellbeing in the workplace and employee safeguarding is a key priority for most companies.  Suicide prevention should be an integral part of a positive and proactive approach to mental health at work, especially as approximately, 6000 people die by suicide in the UK annually. Evidence suggests, 135 people are affected by each death, with many, also significantly at risk of dying by suicide. Those affected by suicide are recognised internationally as a ‘high risk’ group in suicide prevention strategies. Thus, a key aspect of suicide prevention, in the workplace, is to support those who are bereaved/affected by suicide.

Business in the Community (BITC), in collaboration with The Prince’s Responsible Network, published a ground breaking document, which guides employers how to care for their workforce, if they are affected and/or impacted by a suicide (BITC, 2016).

A timely, proactive, supportive and compassionate response, within the workplace, will be well received, by your workforce, as  it will help build trust, will reassure employees that leadership is both compassionate and competent and that they value and care for their staff. Moreover, it will help in terms of human continuity within a corporate setting. Knowing how severe the impact of suicide loss can be on every level, we prefer to speak about the human aspect within business continuity.

For more information

Contact: Dr. Sharon McDonnell

Tel: 01706 827 359