The Diary of Dr. Sharon McDonnell

Aged 53 and 3/4

4th April, 2020

Dear Diary

What strange times we are currently living in.  Our lives have been turned upside down.  We are all confined to our homes and unable to visit family and friends.  Hugging and shaking hands are definitely out and queuing in supermarkets is like something you imagine in a sci-fi thriller!

Despite our anxieties and fears of what the future might bring, we are quickly learning to adjust to a different way of ‘being’ and engaging with others.  Equally, we have more spare time and have to slow down as we can’t go anywhere and have nothing to do!  Possibly for the first time in our adult working lives, we are not expected to be productive every minute of every hour of every week.  Many of us are struggling with this concept.

However, we are learning to adjust, with many using their time and skills to help others.  We are also learning to appreciate the importance of our neighbours and communities and how they can have a direct impact on our ‘emotional wellbeing’.

Dare I say, we are also learning how to relax!  There are so many examples of us being silly, playing, having fun, being creative and innovative with very little. These are skills we will need when things get back to normal. 

My hope is, that we take the ‘positives’ from these deeply distressing circumstances and continue to treasure our neighbours and communities that have cared for us during this difficult time.

The moral of this post

In times of difficulties and uncertainty, we quickly learn to adjust, need our neighbours/communities and must search for and embrace the ‘positives’