Date for your diary – Suicide Bereavement Conference in Manchester – September 23rd 2014

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  1. Sue Quinn says:

    Hi Sharon

    Could i please attend?

    Also i have been keeping an eye on your web site and blogs, how marvelous you are, your dedication to helping others is outstanding. I am proud and privileged to have met you.

    I love the shed idea and would like to be involved in any developments. I will ask the retired ones at the local Cricket club.

    Big Hug

    Sue x

    • Sharon says:

      Hiya Sue, I am so chuffed you are reading my posts : – ) Such kind and encouraging words, thank you so much. It was an honour to meet you to. We all do our bit to try and make a difference. Must say I started this blog as part of my Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship. I never expected the interest that it has received. Within 4 weeks of it going live 800 people are following it from various countries, this includes people bereaved by suicide, clinicians and researchers.

      I am so pleased you like the idea of the men’s sheds. That’s a fantastic idea contacting the people in your local cricket club. It just needs someone to plant a few seeds and I am sure this idea will flourish nationally. Would love to know how you go on. I could put you in contact with Barry McGale in Northern Ireland who is a clinician, been over to Oz and seen the men’s sheds – plus they have them over in Northern Ireland.

      I have put you on the list of attendees for the suicide bereavement conference. I look forward to seeing you September.

      Take care

      Sharon x

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