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‘At Your Side’

Suicide Bereavement Guides

Suicide Bereavement UK have developed a series of At Your Side guides for those bereaved by suicide in the Armed Forces community.

Three guides have been written by the bereaved for the bereaved:

  • At Your Side guide for veterans
  • At Your Side guide for families
  • At Your Side guide for serving personnel

Both the veteran and family guide will be launched on the 17th April 2024.  The serving guide will be launched shortly afterwards.

Who produced the At Your Side guides?

The guides have been produced by Suicide Bereavement UK, an internationally recognised organisation specialising in suicide bereavement research and the development of evidence-informed support materials for bereaved people.

They were commissioned by NHS England and co-produced with individuals bereaved by suicide as well as experts in military mental health, suicide prevention and bereavement.

The guides are based on the experiences and needs of those who took part in the Armed Forces Suicide Bereavement Study. All were bereaved by suicide, having lost a friend, colleague, spouse, partner, adult child, parent or sibling during or after military service.

The guides are free to download.


The guides are dedicated to those bereaved by suicide and to those they have lost in the Armed Forces community.

Study which informed the development of the At Your Side Guides

  • Information about the Armed Forces study which informed the development of Suicide Bereavement UK’s guides – CLICK HERE
  • Filmed recording of Dr Sharon McDonnell presenting preliminary findings associated with the Armed Forces suicide bereavement study CLICK HERE


For more information please contact:
Dr Sharon McDonnell
Email: sharon.mcdonnell@suicidebereavementuk.com
Tel: 01706 827 359