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PABBS Training

PABBS Training

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Welcome to the suicide bereavement site

Suicide Bereavement UK’s website has been designed so that it is relevant to various audiences, examples include

  • Those bereaved or affected by suicide trying to identify support and key resources
  • Professionals who come into contact with those bereaved by suicide
  • Those responsible for developing or commissioning a postvention service
  • Those who wish to attend evidence-based suicide bereavement training
  • Employers who are seeking bespoke crisis consultation when affected by suicide
  • Academics


Suicide Bereavement UK develop and deliver evidence-based theory-driven suicide bereavement training. All are informed by research and delivered by experts in the field.  Examples include Postvention Assisting those Bereaved By Suicide (PABBS), Responding To Suicide (RTS) and Prison Postvention training.  All are 1st of their kind internationally.


Dr. Sharon McDonnell’s blog aims to help reduce stigma and advance understanding of the experiences and perceived needs of those bereaved or affected by suicide. She achieves this by sharing her personal experience of being bereaved by suicide and her skills and knowledge as an expert in suicide bereavement research. She also writes about other things that are of interest to her.


All research is led by Dr Sharon McDonnell, an international expert in suicide bereavement research, Managing Director of Suicide Bereavement UK and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. She is currently leading the national suicide bereavement survey and the Armed Forces suicide bereavement study.

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Suicide Bereavement UK Poem

Poet Jenny Berry was commissioned to write a poem for Suicide Bereavement UK. The poem reminds us all of the stigma often associated with suicide bereavement and the importance of those bereaved by suicide being able to talk about their loss.


This is a brilliant course, inspiring and invigorating.  It has elements of everything from reflection, reviewing, renewing thoughts, ideas and practice within a practical, interactive and safe environment.  There are opportunities to engage, liaise and learn from others.  I loved it and it flew by.  I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone working in any area of suicide bereavement, prevention and postvention settings!  Thank you Sharon and Angela for the passion, knowledge and skills you have passed on during this session!

Vicki BoggonSuicide Bereavement Support/Suicide Safer Schools Co-ordinatorEvery Life Matters

“Yesterday [PABBS Training] was amazingly thought provoking”

Laura BradleyDomestic Abuse AdvisorDoncaster CouncilDoncaster

“This course was extremely helpful and informative. They covered general bereavement as well as bereavement by suicide, there was a lot I didn’t know/ or realise (now do). This will be an instrumental tool when I am working with my patients”

Jos StaresPCN Care Co-OrdinatorOneNorwich PracticesNorfolk

I think the PABBS training was so informative and delivered in a really efficient way. Being provided with studies and workbooks has been really useful in refreshing my memory on what was discussed, and also an aid in further self-reflection. I would recommend this training to everyone, regardless of knowledge and experience as you will definitely learn something new. The space felt really safe and the trainers held us all very well. So glad I did this training.

Rachael HatteeFlex CounsellorInfobuzz

‘This training is essential for those supporting individuals through such difficult times. I learnt so much, and feel so much more confident to use the tools  in my practice’.

Jo KingService ManagerSwindon & Gloucester MIND

I recently attended the PABBS training. I would highly recommend it for any members of services or organisations that support people bereaved and affected by the suicide of another; especially those frontline services that encounter these tragic events and have to provide immediate support.

The training benefits from being, as it proudly says, evidence based. That evidence, from national and international research, underpins all aspects of the training day. But the day also offered additional and important insights from the trainers’ own lived experience of being bereaved by suicide. That helped ‘ground’ and contextualise the theory and put real experience of surviving this loss at th… Read more

PABBS - Manchester - February 2022

‘I just wanted to say a massive thank you to your colleagues for an amazing day of training last week in Manchester. Just utterly fantastic all round. I am so inspired and fired up with ways to enhance our service delivery!

You’re all excellent human beings!’

Elizabeth BallingerSenior Suicide Intervention WorkerThe Martin Gallier ProjectWirral

I really enjoyed the PABBS training event delivered by Angela and Sharon. The content was both thought provoking and informative. The training provided useful resources and workbooks that I am looking forward to sharing with my colleagues. Personally, I feel the training increased my confidence in engaging with individuals who have been bereaved by suicide. It has encouraged me to be mindful of the language often used in service provision and reinforced the importance of being a listening ear. “It’s okay not to have all the answers, we cannot solve but we CAN support”.

Ellen BruceMental Health Social WorkerHealth and Social Care Northern Irelansd (HSCNI)

‘I found the training informative and appropriated the recommend reading as both have helped to fill any small gaps in my information or confidence and reassured me that what I have been doing is the right approach’. 

Joanna CashBereavement Support WorkerCruse Bereavement Care

As a clinician of 30+ years I have responded to or dealt directly with those bereaved by suicide many many times. It was always the type of call I dreaded because I felt ill equipped to be able to deal with the questions and raw grief that always came from the relatives present or who would arrive on scene. Sorry for your loss seemed so inadequate at these calls and many times I am ashamed to say I had no words and maybe just hugged the relatives. 

This course and especially the delivery of it by Angela Lee and Sharon, has made me stop and think about how to better deal with the scene, improve my communication with the bereaved relatives, and the impact that we as responders have long term … Read more

Bronagh McQuillanRegistered Paramedic and a Registered Nurse.Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS)