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PABBS Training

PABBS Training

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Suicide Bereavement UK specialise in the following:

  • Suicide bereavement research;
  • Providing consultancy on postvention (care of those bereaved by suicide); and
  • Developing and delivering evidence-based suicide bereavement training

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Suicide Bereavement UK develop and deliver evidence-based theory-driven suicide bereavement training. All are informed by research and delivered by experts in the field.  Examples include Postvention Assisting those Bereaved By Suicide (PABBS), Emergency Services Postvention Response (ESPR) and Prison Postvention training.  All are 1st of their kind internationally.


Dr. Sharon McDonnell’s blog aims to help reduce stigma and advance understanding of the experiences and perceived needs of those bereaved or affected by suicide. She achieves this by sharing her personal experience of being bereaved by suicide and her skills and knowledge as an expert in suicide bereavement research. She also writes about other things that are of interest to her.


All research is led by Dr Sharon McDonnell, an international expert in suicide bereavement research, Managing Director of Suicide Bereavement UK and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. She is currently leading the national suicide bereavement survey and Emergency Services Postvention Response (ESPR) study.

Welcome to the suicide bereavement site

Suicide Bereavement UK’s website has been designed so that it is relevant to various audiences, examples include

  • Those bereaved or affected by suicide trying to identify support and key resources
  • Professionals who come into contact with those bereaved by suicide
  • Those responsible for developing or commissioning a postvention service
  • Those who wish to attend evidence-based suicide bereavement training
  • Employers who are seeking bespoke crisis consultation when affected by suicide
  • Academics


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Suicide Bereavement UK Poem

Poet Jenny Berry was commissioned to write a poem for Suicide Bereavement UK. The poem reminds us all of the stigma often associated with suicide bereavement and the importance of those bereaved by suicide being able to talk about their loss.


“I was really glad to attend this training and find that the content was wholly applicable to the police service’s response to death by (suspected) suicide. The 2 trainers were fantastic and their passion and drive to address suicide bereavement was clear to see. I will definitely be sharing my learning with colleagues.


In relation to the Covid -19 protocols, I felt it was a really well considered and safe environment and I don’t think there is much more that could have been done.”

Justine HawDetective ConstableThames Valley Police
I attended the PABBS training on the 3rd April 2019. I am an adult social worker/AMHP/BIA working within the recovery team in Rotherham, working with adults of working age who experience severe and enduring mental health difficulties. I found the PABBS training very informative and useful. I will be able to use the knowledge and research obtained throughout the day to enhance my professional practice to be able to more clearly appreciate what is required for people who has lost a loved one to suicide.
Jill ShakespeareSocial Worker/AMHP/BIAAdult Mental Health ServicesRotherham
The PABBS training was a highly informative and valuable experience for me as someone who works with those bereaved by suicide. The day provided me with an understanding of on-going research and development in the field, the chance to network with other professionals as well as those influencing the discourse in this area, but most importantly with vital accounts from those bereaved by suicide about what they need from us as professionals. I would highly recommend PABBS training to people of any discipline who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of suicide and suicide bereavement. Many thanks to the PABBS team.
Beth ByromSuicide Bereavement WorkerSix Degrees Social EnterpriseManchester
Thank you so much for making this training available, for too long I have felt that I am working in isolation in trying to develop the BSBS. No pressure, but it would be lovely to have additional training as a step further on!
Caroline HolleyCHUMS - Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Service for Children and Young PeopleCambridge
I have worked in excess of 20 years in various clinical roles within mental health services and found the PABBS Evidence Based Suicide Bereavement Training that I attended in July 2018 to be a very valuable experience. It provided new and interesting insight, and also a chance to reflect on past experiences, and will positively influence my future practice. It also helped immensely that the facilitator on our course was a warm and friendly human being, who put everyone at their ease and kindly shared his experiences, giving the learning a tangible link to real life.
Dallan McGleenanCumbria Partnership NHS Foundation TrustCumbria
For such a ‘difficult’ subject this was an excellent day; very informative. It both reinforced my prior knowledge and provided new insights into the bereavement needs of those affected by suicide.
Erin BoltonBereavement Care Co-ordinatorEast Lancashire Hospitals NHS TrustNorth West
A well organised, informative course, on such a sensitive subject. Delivered in the most respectable way.
Jeannie OwensTrainee PsychotherapistUnity RadioManchester
This was incredibly valuable training which gave insight into the challenges and needs of those bereaved by suicide and how I as healthcare professional may be able to offer some support.
Kenny ByrneInquest ManagerBerkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation TrustSouth East England
I recently attended the PABBS evidence-based suicide bereavement training which I found to be very informative and thought-provoking. The trainers were compassionate and provided a valuable personal insight into an emotive subject area.  The inclusion of videos within the training materials, provided the opportunity to hear directly from families bereaved by suicide, which was very powerful.
Rachael WinterCommunity Clinical ManagerNorthumberland Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation TrustNorth East